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Asymptotes 🎩 Demain on joue en groupe pour le Mouscr'on the Rock! 20:30, place d'Herseaux! La photo c'etait semaine passée au Relais pour la vie à tournai, go mouscron ! 🎶. Marc drums / Ivan bass and piano / Kenneth guitar singing and harmonica🎙🎸 🎩🎶Find us on facebook! 🤘🎸🎩Wanna listen? ▶️ website in description 🎙 /love your life / musicien belge 🎤 🎶alternative rock genre band musician belgium 🎼 jam music Fender live page 🎩

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Untouched Words ✒


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Post -700 He was spying on himself. Back and forth. To and fro, Searching. Hiding from himself. The third person watches the first person. The "he" spies on the "I". Countless shadows of his shadowy self Image of images. Ghost of ghostly reflects. The mirror person asked questions. The " he" knows things The "I" can't bear to think about. The third person sends his nobody To kill the first person's somebody. Void of void. The loneliness is tricky. By @danphyl001 write writer poem poetry pieceofpoetry snippet sayings musings thoughts instagramwriters instapoet instapoem page untouchedwords newwriting newwriters follow writersofinstagram writing writersnetwork writerscommunity writersclub writercommunity instaquote

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🌄🌹🌹بسم الله رحمن رحيم🌹🌹🌄


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Gabriela Castorino


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Анна Чёрная


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Учение-свет, исскуство-умение делиться им с другими💫

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Hoy recordamos la presentación de Lavegetariana de Han Kang que tuvo lugar en @lacentral_llibreria el pasado mes de marzo. En la foto tenemos a Gabi Martínez (izq.) el prologista, Sunme Yoon (centr.) la traductora al castellano de La vegetariana y la misma Han Kang (dcha.).

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Balon Glow


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Angelica Faustino


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Katie Reese


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