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Daniella Cavaliere


Comment from Daniella Cavaliere:

Different lighting, different eye colour. selfie selfies eyes makeup smokeyeye nirvana nirvanashirt lighting panda paleasfuck blackhair longhair katvondbeauty anastasiabeverlyhills

18 Minutes ago

Que Sera Sara👑


Comment from Que Sera Sara👑:

The Devil and God are raging inside me💀 brandnew lyrics selfie cuteaf makeupaddict forever21 torrid pentagrambralette nyx modernrenaissancepalette anastasiabeverlyhills loveyourself girlswithbodymods blondehairdontcare paleasfuck cuteaf

26 Minutes ago



Comment from Kaz:

Who remembers that time I wore a pretty dress?! blackhair extensions makeuponpoint rubywoo undercut wavyhair longhair metalchick girlswithink inkedgirl tattooedgirl palegirl paleasfuck paleskin alternativegirl altgirl shouldertattoo gothgirl gothicgirl goth metalgirl metalhead pale dress potd piercedgirl blueeyes throwback svenska svensk

1 Hours ago

Miss LV ✨🌙


Comment from Miss LV ✨🌙:

SickLikeADog with the StomachFlu 😓😪 NoFilter PaleAsFuck GatoradeDiet BRATdiet Sick BedRidden

2 Hours ago

👌🏻Alexander Syrus Disney👌🏻

Comment from 👌🏻Alexander Syrus Disney👌🏻:

Meh, what up peeps. bored paleasfuck piercings pierced stretchedears stretchedlobes blueeyes stoned blazed 420 stoner staylitfam transgender ftm foureyes whyamihashtagging

3 Hours ago

Fia Sco


Comment from Fia Sco:

Brighten Up! 🌞 the wonderful dress is by @wiener_kreation asmileadaykeepsthedoctoraway blondehairdontcare shine✨ wienerkreation paleasfuck 50s 50sstyle vintagestyle ievendidmynails

3 Hours ago

Sey B.


Comment from Sey B.:

A peculiar soul is far more valuable that perceived.

3 Hours ago

K. R. Evetts


Comment from K. R. Evetts:

I lied. Here's another post, as I am restless, and I haven't posted a selfie in awhile. 😋 x x x Be sure to follow for manic poetry. x x x As well as the occasional, temporary selfie. x x x selfie insomnia restless manic poet poetrycommunity latenight sleepless nonbinary androgynous paleasfuck greeneyes bipolar hazel goth punk horror emo metal alternative lgbtqia pansexual genderfluid gay queer dark sillyface otherworldwriting krevetts

3 Hours ago

Sey B.


Comment from Sey B.:

About to spam you with night shots. freak goodvibes bodypositive bbw paleasfuck fatchicks fatbabe fatisnotaninsult metalchicks honormycurves inkedbabe legalizethunderthighs tagsforlikes eyes respectmyrolls kinky biggirls plussize thickthighssavelives biggirlsdoitbetter nofilter 420girls l4l bopo bigbabe chubby curvy babesofinstagram

3 Hours ago



Comment from gothicarwen91:

redlips darkhair longhair tattoed heavymetalchick aerosmithshirt smokeyeye paleasfuck

4 Hours ago

Kayla K.


Comment from Kayla K.:

paleasfuck Selfie redhairdontcare

5 Hours ago

✖ Cutie•Red ✖

Comment from ✖ Cutie•Red ✖:

Getting my hair did today 😁😁😁😁 . . . . instadaily instagood eyes hair ginger redhead redhair whatsmyhanddoing blueeyes paleasfuck ilovetea

5 Hours ago

Felicia Jones


Comment from Felicia Jones:

🐱🐱 mermaidhair girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos alternativegirl

5 Hours ago

Sey B.


Comment from Sey B.:

Tell me about hope, Because my visions all sloped Anxieties write my diaries & Destiny has got the best of me I am running out of soul. crappoetry therapy workaholics

6 Hours ago

KiKi Katastrophe💘


Comment from KiKi Katastrophe💘:

Pale as fuck goth queen with a Kwaii as fuck phone case 😂💗🖤 baldgirls baldgirl bald shavedsides shavedhead fingertattoos purplehair cute cutephonecase leatherjacket studdedjacket goth gothprincess gothqueen pale paleasfuck allbackeverything

6 Hours ago

Jessica Brown


Comment from Jessica Brown:

Getting some sun in my new shoes newshoes suntime paleasfuck

8 Hours ago

Asa Queen


Comment from Asa Queen:

The new piece so tiny and cute bowl 420 glassart blacknails paleasfuck pale goth dank girlscoutcookies green pipe

8 Hours ago



Comment from Kristina:

I look fierce as fuck. fierce motd redhair selfie selfiegamestrong darklips feelingmyself paleasfuck

9 Hours ago

Kyra Shearman


Comment from Kyra Shearman:

I swear I'll be tan by the end of this week! 🌞 hawaii paleasfuck ineedvitamind

10 Hours ago

Rachel Wodka


Comment from Rachel Wodka:

Photography by Katherine Gaines The "If I Was Your Vampire" Sessions realrachelwoods Rachel redlipstick redlips vinyl thighhighboots vinylshorts blackhairgirl paleasfuck vampire vampiremouthtattoo tattoo theifiwasyourvampiresessions marilynmanson marilynmanson empressoffuck whorecouture

11 Hours ago