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◇ Cattiness ◇


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Y yo, al verte en las avenidas cortadas entre el fuego paseándote como fiera, siento algo tan profundo que, aunque quisiera, nunca lo podrán expresar mis palabras. pale paleblog paleasfuck witchcraft

27 Seconds ago

Velvet "Bree" Bernhard


Comment from Velvet "Bree" Bernhard:

You hate me cuz I'm not afraid to defend my family & lover & friends? You hate "white supremacists" because you think they all hate people of other races? So because you think you know what someone values that you can hate on them & harass them for what they believe well isn't that what you supposedly are against in the first place? Our society is fucked off cuz it's run by ignorant hypocrites who think they are the ones that are better than others. Hateful words are the same for any color & the fact you think you are right to attack me because i simply know more about a subject you choose to hate with no knowledge is disgusting 💯🤔👊🏻 sowhatimwhite selfie selfiequeen selfietime selfmade fuckwhatyouheard dontjudgeme themeyestho tattooedbabes tattooedgirls girlswithtattoos instagood inkstagram inkedgirls paleasfuck bitchimfamous infamous wildone breebaby badbitchesonly beautifullybroken imnotperfect imdifferent hatersgonnahate

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Velvet Mystique


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I am in love with the new vintage print shirt I got yesterday. It brings out the green in my eyes. paleasfuck brickredlips vintage newclothes tuesdays

12 Minutes ago

Megan Welch


Comment from Megan Welch:

Never dwell on the past or be "looking in the rear view mirror"... unless you are admiring those back and booty gainz😉😜Photocred: @lycurgo_photography killingit backgains booty🍑 bootygainz thatviewthough lingerie model fitness redhead paleasfuck

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Comment from TyrannosaurusBex:

I have a tired face now. tiredface tired hugeeyes massiveeyes greeneyes green sleepyhead longday tattooedgirls alienface alieneyes wideyes paleasfuck palegirlprobs messyhead bigeyed sleepy wonkyface wonky

1 Hours ago

👌🏻Alexander Syrus Disney👌🏻

Comment from 👌🏻Alexander Syrus Disney👌🏻:

Feel so lonely. paleasfuck pierced stretchedears stretchedlobes trans ftm whyamihashtaging

1 Hours ago

Josefine Lund


Comment from Josefine Lund:

København er helt ok ☀️☀️ summer copenhagen water canal bluesky nyderdetsidsteferie snartstudieigen studmed medicin student denmark sun heat tan jk paleasfuck girl city

3 Hours ago

Christina Brekke


Comment from Christina Brekke:

🎶She's a witch and I'm a heretic 🎶 twinning miw motionlessinwhite paleasfuck itsonlywednesday

5 Hours ago

Kristin Hovde


Comment from Kristin Hovde:

latesummer but still paleasfuck

7 Hours ago



Comment from amy:

You know there hasn't been much lifting going on if I'm posting a selfie. 🤷🏼‍♀️One more shift to go! wcw ismyself blueeyes pinkhair selfie nurselife paleasfuck fivehead

7 Hours ago

Séraphine Strange (official)


Comment from Séraphine Strange (official):

. . BERON's NEW KITTY CIRCUS COLLECTION 2017 "STRONG BASE" 💙 fashion: BERON by @missberon photos: @dinomariphoto model: SéraphineStrange make-up/hair: Séraphine Strange necklace: @hafenklunker by @christ_juweliere leather bracelet: @crystalandsage Copyright © 2017 BERON All rights reserved. Don't use without permission but feel free to share with full credits. . . dinomari beronfashion seraphinestrange hafenklunker modeljob fashionshoot altmodel pleaserusa bordello highheels missberon modeling handmadejewelry handmade madeingermany gothgirl highheellovers undergroundfashion paleasfuck girlsthatlift girlsthatsquat stripeddress girlswhosquat bootygirl fitnessgirl nylonaddict tights pantyhoselegs beastgirl

7 Hours ago

Amy Louise Buttress


Comment from Amy Louise Buttress:

Catching some winter sun while practising sketching. I still hate almost everything I draw and don't know if the practise is making me any better! At least I have a cool photo 🙈 vain sketching sunbathing sketchoftheday shotoverriver paleasfuck

8 Hours ago

Schae Ind 🇿🇦


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Pale feet exploring stuff🍃💧🐇 - africa travelingram travel nelspruit paleasfuck stream

9 Hours ago



Comment from Rupert:

Post shower looks pinkhair shorthair greeneyes pierced nosepiercing lippiercing lipring earpiercing necklace paleasfuck ftm transgender lgbtq queer

10 Hours ago

Online & Instore Boutique


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When you could spend 5 minutes looking for the right filter to make you look less like a ghost then give up because we are all pale in August 😂 Don't care, had to share. Love the Only Me Top. It's in but almost gone. thelabel world paleasfuck wintercolor blackandwhite inloveeiththis afterpay orangensw outfitinspo

12 Hours ago

Elegy Ashe


Comment from Elegy Ashe:

darkness . . . gothgirl goth darkness sad sadgirl sadgirlsclub gamergirl playerunknownsbattlegrounds palegirls paleasfuck pale fridaythe13thgame darklipstick shadow gaunt blackandblue blackeyes

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Comment from xmeggo:

Sometimes I look cute ☺️☠️ snapchatfilters paleasfuck mostlyghostly

14 Hours ago

Sam Chambers


Comment from Sam Chambers:

Because I burn if I spend more than 30 seconds in the sun... stolenmeme accurate paleasfuck

15 Hours ago

Elliot W. Groff


Comment from Elliot W. Groff:

Idk why he's mean muggin but ayy vapenation h3h3productions paleasfuck

52 Days ago