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Air Force Salinas


Comment from Air Force Salinas:

Do you think you have what it takes to earn the title of Special Operator within the United States Air Force? @derrekharris took the Air Force PAST test today and qualified to become a Combat Controller. Even though he qualified he is still training hard and aiming higher to qualify for Pararescue. If you want to push yourself to the max and be the best of the best give me a call today to see if you qualify. usaf airforce aimhigh specops combatcontroller cct pj pararescue pasttest PAST specialforces operator bestofthebest afsoc @the_first_there @usaf_pararescue @_official

7 Days ago

Beautician By Cyanny Kroin


Comment from Beautician By Cyanny Kroin:

Meu trabalho londres🇬🇧 myjob . . . . . uk🇬🇧 lashes glamour vocelindatodososdias olharfatal seu olhar mais bonito amor❤ pelaprofissao beauty beautyday beautician by cyannekroinbeautician beauticiancyannekroin uk🇬🇧 qyalidadenotrabalho nouveaulashes pasttest trabalhandoporamor

97 Days ago

Beautician By Cyanny Kroin


Comment from Beautician By Cyanny Kroin:

mudeseuolhar lashes lashes👀 glamour seuolhar irresistivel uk🇬🇧 londres🇬🇧 londres2017 myjob estetica meutrabalho fiosdeceda metodo5s olharfatal pasttest ❤️ . . . amomeutrabalho profissaoporamor vocemaiabonita vocebonita beauty beautyday fioafio3d metodo5s 4semanasbeautician ficandolinda cyanne kroin job❤️ beautician

102 Days ago



Comment from Lady:

🤣🤣😂 when Uber sends you an email that your account has been reactivated lol they deactivated my account because I had to watch 54 videos and take a quiz😒😒 I was happy as hell when I sent my test scores in and got this email 😁😁☺️😌😌 that's extra money and bills needs to be paid Ayyyee UberDriver Reactivated PastTest ILoveYouGuys 😂

137 Days ago

spaяkling girl 💋


Comment from spaяkling girl 💋:

[Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail] This was my very first Erza Test and I still know how surprised and emotional I was, because I never thought that I could cosplay her and that she could suit me. It was such a magical moment 😂 So take some Erza, take some Boobies and enjoy your weekend! Will start with my coswork for her and for Chloé from Ladybug 💕 ErzaScarlet pasttest Erza Erzafairytail titaniaerza FairyTail fairytailerza erzacosplay Erzacosplayer Scarlet fairytailcosplay Cosplaygirls cosplaygermany Germancosplay redwig Erzamylove favchara

157 Days ago

Tyler Kelly


Comment from Tyler Kelly:

So today I accomplished my biggest goal in life so far which has led me further into my career and onto my next set of goals and challenges. Can't wait to push myself more. Thank you @jordy_910 for being my number one fan. embracethesuck PASTtest pararescue

180 Days ago

Homemade Notebooks


Comment from Homemade Notebooks:

Lets vintage your stationery ❣ Botol beling tutup kuning NOTES Ukuran A6 °14.5 x 10.5 Kertas light book paper klasik Isi 50 lembar Waktu produksi 2 hari A6 50 sheet - classic light paper book Stitched bend Matte softcover lakuiki homemade notebook pocketbook sketchbook planner 80s 90s pasttest vintagestuff localbrand ekonomimikro illustration souvenirjogja souvenirbandung souvenirbali souvenirjepang souvenirlucu notes handmade kadolucu kadounik pop artsy

196 Days ago

Валерия Костина


Comment from Валерия Костина:

Первый экзамен сдан на отлично👌🏻💪🏻)))фотка из серии:"Когда хочется посидеть на ледяном троне, а не получается..."🏂⛄️❄️😅winterpasttest samarastudy student icethrone icerussiarussiangirl like4like followme follow4follow snowtime

216 Days ago

✨Amanda Kathleen Palmer✨


Comment from ✨Amanda Kathleen Palmer✨:

💧💧HYDRATE 💧💧 hydration hydrate performance swimming highintensity workout cardio fitness fit specialoperations training pararescue combat combatrescue swim pasttest

235 Days ago

Christina Duim


Comment from Christina Duim:

Had my last PAST test with these two on Tuesday! Feels great ending my DEP on such a high note!! usaf PASTtest training motivated support progress focused physicalabilitystaminatest passed 100% swim run pullups situps pushups

236 Days ago

Christina Duim


Comment from Christina Duim:

Had a great test today with my fellow Spec Ops DEP teammates! usaf PASTtest DEP training motivated support progress focused

246 Days ago

✨Amanda Kathleen Palmer✨


Comment from ✨Amanda Kathleen Palmer✨:

Friends who SWIM: do you have any tips for my husband as he gets back into swimming again? He has about 5 minutes to shave off of his 500 meter swim time. :) swim 500m pararescue training pasttest specialoperations

250 Days ago



Comment from 🇨🇭Johan&🇨🇳🇯🇵Fei:

Did a great job in French test! Pretty sure past both of them. (2016.7.21) めちゃいい感じにできた! learnfrench frenchtest pasttest forJohan 仏検 受かった 嬉しい フランス語勉強中

268 Days ago



Comment from ✨Ally✨:

Well well well what have we here? pasttest drivingtest firsttime woooo crashedalready fuckyeah! blackandwhite

271 Days ago

paola leo⛺🔝


Comment from paola leo⛺🔝:

Non rovinare il tuo presente con un passato che non ha futuro. ~William Shakespeare ~ meitaliangirlshakespeareshakespearequotesenglishenglishtestpasttestflowersfakeflowersoutfitunsalutodaofelia😂vogliovacanzeeunpodieffetti😏mygrandmotherhousemyhome🏡instaphotoinstagirlinstaitaliangirlinstaoutfitinstashakespeareinstalikeinstabeutyinstagood😘😇🙊😽

283 Days ago



Comment from DeeSoul:

Or Lawwwd!!! My oldest Glambaby past her written Drivers Test here we go Lol!!! Congrats Liah I had no doubts newdriver pasttest congratulations

285 Days ago



Comment from Megan:

driving pasttest yearago 12months happy myface drivinginstructor feels a lot longer the one year nogoingback lovinglife

1 Years ago

Jacques Stafford


Comment from Jacques Stafford:

My little sister isla past her test im so proud of her pasttest littlesister.

1 Years ago



Comment from Kaitlyn:

100 (mostly) continuous situps. CHECK! ... now just gotta get it down under 2 min. gainz beastmode fitchick pasttest

1 Years ago



Comment from Agata:

Zdali! Obronili! małeinżyniery engineer students engineeringstudents celebration everybody pasttest uppoznan poznań inżynierzy

1 Years ago