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Scott Caller


Comment from Scott Caller:

Here's a great set of results from my lovely Client Harriet aka @courtyardbeautykimbolton When it comes to getting results a coach can only really give someone a map,encourage a client to follow through with it and offer support. Ultimately it's down to the client to do what's required. Harriett came to me with the aim of losing weight. What she's actually done is lose body fat, improved posture and got a hell of a lot stronger. In total she's lost a stone with me since the beginning of May but that really doesn't tell you the whole story. Just this morning she told me how she needs to go shopping for new clothes as they are all to big for her now! By the way she's done this whilst still enjoying alcohol, eating out and enjoying herself. Today we even spoke about how she could eat Chinese this weekend and stay on track. Great work Harriett! Now on to the next stage of the process 👊💪 lovemyjob stneots personaltrainer realfitgym onlinecoaching eatsleephabitrepeat fatloss strongher strongnotskinny womensfitness womenshealth

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Michael Williams


Comment from Michael Williams:

Definitely worse days to train a client outside. personaltrainer training parktraining workout fitness kickboxing niceday

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Corrie 🌹


Comment from Corrie 🌹:

Kenya, home! The warm sunshine, aquamarine Indian ocean and sandy beaches just do if for me 👌🙏 Where is your place of bliss and freedom? 🇰🇪 _________________________________________________ bikinibody mybodymyrules myeverydaybody curvybody strongnotskinny loveyourbody bodyconfidence womenlift mybestself fitbody bodygoals bbgcommunity hiitwotkouts personaltrainer fitnesscoach tattoos haircolor kenya beachbody happyplace solotravel solobackpacker fitforsummer lifecoach holidayideas swimmer outdoorsports nutritionist dietitian healthyeating @adventure.sisterss @thegirlgains @thesearemyjourneys @adventurefittravel @kayla_itsines

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Comment from Marco:

Cuantas veces nos hemos quedado así después de un wod? No hay mejor manera de despedir la semana que con la imagen de nuestra atleta @jlrubia clasificada para los @spanish_throwdown 📷. @armandotroya Hatlexcanarias Hatlexbeanathlete Hatlex Hatlexiscool familiaHatlex canariasport crossfit equipment crosstraining functionaltraining entrenamientofuncional canaryisland personaltrainer box gym gimnasio entrenandoduro athlete crossfitter insta traininghard sportlife fitnesslifestyle enjoy live smile train everyday actitudfitness spanishthrowdown2017

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Southend PT Academy


Comment from Southend PT Academy:

Have you ever wanted to become a sports massage therapist? Want to develop your anatomy and physiology knowledge? Why not drop us a message and we can have a chat about our level 3 Diplomas in sports massage therapy to see if it's a fit for you. We also offer flexible study options as well as flexible payment plans to help make it easier for you to study and turn your passion into a career southendptacademy essexfitness essex southendonsea xercise4lesssouthend knowledgeispower anatomy sportsmassage sportstherapist personaltrainer

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Anabela Vasconcelos


Comment from Anabela Vasconcelos:

Bom dia! ☀️😁✌️ Vamos começar bem o dia com um belo treino! 💪 Para quem quiser fazer um treininho comigo, já sabem 👉📩👈 email no meu perfil! 😉 Bons resultados e bons momentos! 🙌✨ Hoje é animação, sexta-feira e S. João, também merecemos!!! 🎉 anabelavasconcelos personaltrainer loveyourself fitness fitlife morning sunshine workoutmotivation motivated

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Joao Paulo Lessa Maciel


Comment from Joao Paulo Lessa Maciel:

musculação fitness academia treinopesado foco formatura disciplina maromba suplementos personaltrainer voxcorpore dieta disciplina ficaadica gyn instafitness instafit nopainnogain fitnessmodelsuplementos muscular bodybuilding dieta dicas workout alimentacaosaudavel joaopaulogym

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Персональный Тренер СПб


Comment from Персональный Тренер СПб:

Вот и награда за труд,мы это сделали taurasfitness gym💪 bodybuilding personaltrainer fitness bodiboom motivation sport spb trenajerka победитель победа

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Comment from oluabanjo:

@rocksnrosesdesigns she is working hard when others are hardly working. personaltrainer gym healthyliving fitfamily fitnessmotivation

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instagram bodybuilding fitness


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Repost @umerworld ___ Follow @jammu_and_kashmir_bodybuilders ___ musclemania muscle gym gainz fitness facebookpage strong shredded aesthetics abs exercise eatclean beastmode bodybuilding cardio crossfit instagram justdoit lifestyle natural proteins personaltrainer ripped treadmill training umerworld weightraining weightloss youcandoit ehplabs

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Tom Baker


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Comment from Валентина:

Еееее😈 Слишком много крутых людей на этом солнечном фото 😎 @dj_ice - ты сделал моё воскресенье 😜✌️ NewForm32 Bryansk Брянск32 Брянск bryanskinsta bryansk_photo sport fitness fitonyashki gym trainer personaltrainer спорт зож будьвформе стройняшки пп присед тренировки белки углеводы жиры бжу худеем скоролето тренажерныйзал попа орех жим база

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A-club Lugano


Comment from A-club Lugano:

FRIDAY MORNING STABILITY CON @laniky stability fitness balance strength core mobility workout motivation gym training health flexibility fitfam exercise power fitnessmotivation personaltrainer strong movement abs fitnessmyenergy

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con prokos


Comment from con prokos:

Brayden 😄 teamprokos whysoserious fitfam funnyvideo happy laughoutloud lol fitnesslifestyle cardio personaltrainer trainer fitnesslifestyle

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Comment from veinz_n_gainz:

Demo of a chest fly variation where you keep your legs closed together and lean forward a bit. Benefits of doing this way are: - Stronger core as you really have to fire up to keep your balance - Better control of the movement, lower speed therefore increased time under tention. Try to keep arms straigth but elbow soft, dont let the handels travel behind your shoulders and keep the shoulderblades retrackted troughout the whole exercise personaltrainer fitness fitnessmodel fitfam fitlife gymlife gym getstrong nopainnogain weightraining weightloss workout bodybuilding aesthetics sweat fitnessmotivation fitspo getfit trainhard noexcuses fitfood healthyeating vegetarian Nutrition eatclean health fit instagood flexfriday

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Shinta Pujiastuti


Comment from Shinta Pujiastuti:

Udah mulai rapi matrasnya di sarungin pake tas rajut 😍cakep alvinmasli yogabag yogamat yogaeverywhere yogainstructor yogaclass personaltrainer shintapujiastuti fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel instructor tasmatras tasmatrasyoga

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The PT Centre


Comment from The PT Centre:

The guys finished this mornings session hitting the prowler! ThePTCentre Prowler

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Viktoria Lindskog


Comment from Viktoria Lindskog:

Äntligen!! Som jag kämpat och längtat efter detta! Tack @konditionsidrott för en grymt bra utbildning och lärare. Tack alla underbara klasskamrater, ni är sjukt saknade just nu! 😍 Och nu, mot nya äventyr! 🏃 running run löpning springa spring Personlig Tränare personligtränare träna träning glad happy tjej girl personal trainer personaltrainer training personaltraining Personligträning endurance swimrun swimming swim triathlon längdskidor crosscountryskiing simma kondition

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Brendon Edwards


Comment from Brendon Edwards:

Deadlifts & Anterior legs (quads) done and dusted ✔ - Started with Sumo deadlifts 2 x 10-12 reps. ➡️ 5 x 5 @120kg (last set shown), Weight felt good today and moved well....must be my high carb day 🤔🙊 Followed by: - Leg press - Leg extention's - DB walking lunges - Core: Decline sit up's & hanging leg raises 4 sets each.

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Comment from Renée:

Flashback 😍☀️ almost a year ago - take me back!! fitbalanced training outdoor greece yoga summer girls lunges workout fitgirl fit fitness fun power healthy food motivation inspiration active sport food eatclean summer ocean beach freedom naxos fitmum family wildandfree personaltrainer

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