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Comment from Tiffany:

I love IG because this statement rings true EVERY. DAMN. DAY. over here. Facebook is full of bitching and whining and horrid images of unspeakable acts. Seeing that shit on the daily is DRAINING my soul. Just wanted to give you all a huge THANK YOU for being positive and healthy! positivity positivevibes promotelove igfamily

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Comment from Tracey:

OMG! Awesomelicious Yarniliciousness! Happy Mail! I received my Epic Rainbow Kit from @expressionfiberarts! Fingering weight Superwash Merino Wool 9 skeins, 400 yards each, for a total of 3,600 yards of Yarnilicious goodness! Trust me, it's totally worth the investment! epicrainbowkit yarniac yarn yarnstagram happymail Igotmail supportsmallbusinesses supportoneanother positivity promotepositivity positivevibes positivevibestribe knittersofinstagram knittersoftheworld knitterati knitting alwaysknitting goodvibestribe goodvibes positiveenergy namaste zenspirit

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Comment from motivationbear:

You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. FeedTheBear motivation motivationalquotes motivate champion win champ goals goal achieve dreams actor blessed amazing vibes work workout positivity winner train crossfitlife run instarunners sports lifting happylife fitlife beastmode hustle healthyliving

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Comment from Adriana:

Be authentically you! Don't worry what others think, it is easy to fall into the habit of seeking approval from those that DON'T matter but letting go of the "what ifs" that you perceive others can think is totally freeing!!! So that moment you thought you looked like an idiot or felt stupid.....guess what ONLY you thought that and if not WHO cares, you ARE you! Imperfectly perfect, beautiful from the inside out and your moments is part of who you are, as soon as you except you and let go of approval from others those embarrassing moments are not embarrassing😘 . . . . thoughtforthedayfitmamamomlifeacceptancebekindbekindtoyourselfencouragemotivateempowerbuildupbeyourownsuperherosummerfunvancouvermomsofinstagrammindsetpositivethinkingpositivityjourneylifeloveloveyourselfbeproudbeautywithinbeautydoyoubelievebeyourself❤️

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Anthony Cotton Jr


Comment from Anthony Cotton Jr:

Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Jump out there on a leap of faith no matter who likes it. 😎🕺🏾🌎

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Maddie B. ⭐️


Comment from Maddie B. ⭐️:

"I didn't to be strong from you. I learned to be strong because of you." - @moonlitwordspoetry • • • "You may not always be strong, but you can always be brave." - @beautaplin . . Some days, I can be strong. Some days, all I can be is brave.

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Comment from H U M A N:

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Rose Brookes


Comment from Rose Brookes:

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Comment from FamousQuotes:

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My Wellness Journey


Comment from My Wellness Journey:

It's easy to get caught up in following what other people think is best for you or what you feel like you "should" be doing. I challenge you to go in the direction your soul pulls you... quiet the outside voices and be present with yourself. Trust your intuition and be the badass you were always meant to be ✨✨ (📷 @lovebeautywellnessfestival) ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ believe inspire dream lawofattraction motivation organic grateful goals positivity wellness fitness action visualizations abundance personalgrowth vegan bossbabe entrepreneur achieve growth inspiration energy loa blog blogger happiness passion progression quotes words

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Comment from BPMotivacion:

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ɢʀᴇᴛʜᴀɴ × ᴇʟɪsᴀʙᴇᴛʜ 18 ʏᴏ.


Comment from ɢʀᴇᴛʜᴀɴ × ᴇʟɪsᴀʙᴇᴛʜ 18 ʏᴏ.:

Today I have an Ethan edit for you 💜 Tomorrow I will show you guys an sexy edit part 2 😂 @ethandolan dolantwins positivity love video vibes happy edit

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Bessim Oosterbaan


Comment from Bessim Oosterbaan:

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Colette Hylton


Comment from Colette Hylton:

Well done hard working Helen 💪 another 4lbs off this week and £4 off your products. Now when you get back from holiday in September the 🏵🏵🏵 stone goal is the next part of your journey 😍👙🎉 smashinggoals weightloss weightlossjourney schoolholidays determined cambridgeweightplan cwpstep3 hardworkpaysoff amzaing welldone summerholidays strongwomen neverlookback inspiration positivity cwpteam focused businesswoman exercise lookinghot feelinggreat healthy confident incontrol nutrition weightlosscoach

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Samantha Kaput Condon


Comment from Samantha Kaput Condon:

When your homemade salad FINALLY matches your expectations! 🙌🏻 I always LOVE restaurant salads (nice restaurant salads 😉) but struggle to recreate them at home. • Here's the recipe for this delicious bowl! • •Mixed greens •Cherry tomatoes •White nectarine •Red onion •Goat cheese crumbles •Light drizzle of basalmic vinegar • ENJOY!!! 💕 What's your favorite salad topping?

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Federica Lucchini


Comment from Federica Lucchini:

Do you like workout? 💪🏼👙I love my body changing. What would you like to change in your body?

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Comment from Nicki_Lenore:

True beauty stands out on it's own. Be your own kind of beautiful. 🌹 Be you..Own you..Love you! Happy almost Friday! ❤️ 📷:Me beyourselfalways ownyou truebeautylieswithin

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Comment from •Amelyss•:

Trying to get better in flatlays...😊💕New post in 2 hours!☄

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✨Joëlle N. Challita✨


Comment from ✨Joëlle N. Challita✨:

____________________________________________ 〰One of the ways to entertain yourself at home is to try a new yoga pose 〰 I did the wheelpose ( or Chakrasana) today. 🤸🏻‍♂️ Benefits of Chakrasana : * Strengthens the abdomen, spine, shoulders, hands and legs. * Improves the function of the digestive and reproductive system. * Effective to cure thyroid disorder. * Good for back pain. * Stretches your chest and lungs * Strengthens pancreas, liver, and kidney.

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Sara Hillier


Comment from Sara Hillier:

The worst thing you can do is suffer in silence. I suffered in silence for 3 years and it destroyed my life. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. WE NEED TO BREAK THE STIGMA. 💚 mentalhealth mentalhealthmatters mentalhealthawareness newbusiness mindoverbody breakthestigma mind strength dontsufferinsilence instaquotes quotes quotestoliveby quoteoftheday motivationalquotes picoftheday health healthymind mindset follow4follow followforfollow support determinedtosucceed believeinyourself fitfam fitnessmotivation support positivevibes positivity positivequotes positiveenergy gym

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