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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

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Or rather one of the many secrets of success, but an important one. Because when you do put your heart, mind, and soul into what you are doing, you are present. In the moment. And when you are, great things happen. You notice things you otherwise would have missed. Opportunities appear. Ideas pop up out of nowhere and your work effort is at its very best. And it feels good, too. . Be present. . Sincerely, Filip & TheBusinessQuotes . ------------------------------- 👉 Turn on post notifications for your favorite accounts so you don't miss out! 👍 ------------------------------- ▪️ @thebusinessquotes ▪️

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🔷🔹ATTENTION, EXCITING NEWS! 🔹🔷 Heartfelt Handmade SJ is rebranding! When I established this business on @etsy, I originally wanted to sell crocheted items. Then, it grew and expanded into this wonderful apparel business that has allowed us to meet all these fantastic people and help the chronically ill raise awareness for their diseases. So, here comes our new name: HOPE Apparel; standing for hold on, pain ends. 🎉😍🎗. I hope you guys like our new name! We will be releasing brand t-shirts with this logo on it soon. We could love to hear what you think in the comments 👇☺️.

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Have a beautiful Wednesday!❤

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