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gabrielle narcy


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Another yummy homemade lunch healthy recipe

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🍅Постное меню на неделю с 27 февраля по 5 марта (доставка 26-27 февраля) как раз в преддверии Великого поста! Меньше калорий, больше витаминов! ✳Постное меню✳ 🍆Вегетарианский Понедельник - Тушеные овощи бенгали таркари с индийскими специями и семенами шамбалы 🍆Вегетарианский Вторник - Овощная пицца на поленте 🍆Вегетарианская Среда - Капоната по-сицилийски с каперсами и оливками Для того, чтобы сделать заказ, пишите в Direct и в нашу группу ВКонтакте: Фотографии блюд из всех меню можно найти здесь: Более подробно о ценах на все виды меню смотрите здесь: @hochudoma еда_на_заказ_екатеринбург еданазаказтюмень еданазаказкурган еданазаказчелябинск продуктысрецептами екатеринбург курган челябинск тюмень instafood food рецепт recipe хозяйкеназаметку chef foodlover foodstagram foodphoto foodgasm продуктыназаказ вегетарианскиерецепты вегетарианскаяеда

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Charline 💐🐶🌱💕


Comment from Charline 💐🐶🌱💕:

🍫🍰🍓 Fudgy black bean chocolate cake with raspberries 🍫🍰🍓. You just need 1 bowl to make this super fudgy chocolate cake 🤗. It's sweetened using only dates and you really don't taste the black beans 🙌. I love to experiment with beans 💕. And i'm feeling a little bit proud when it turns out delicious 🙊. Definitely when my boys loves it without noticing that i used black beans 😋. . So here's the recipe; . ✏ 265 gram rinsed and drained canned black beans. ✏ 50 gram @quaker oats. ✏ 20 gram Oat bran. ✏ 100 gram dates. ✏ 1/2 teaspoon baking powder. ✏ 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. ✏ 1/2 teaspoon apple vinegar. ✏ 30 gram cacao powder. ✏ 200 gram @alpro yogurt. ✏ 80 gram frozen raspberries. . Preheat your oven on 180 degrees. Place everything in your food processor (add the baking soda and apple vinegar as last one) except off the raspberries. Process untill smooth. Add the raspberries and poor the batter into a lined cake tin. Place some raspberries on top and place in the oven for 30 minutes. Let cool completely. Enjoy 😙! . . . healthy healthyfood healthychoices healthyliving healthylifestyle healthyeating eathealthy vegan plantbased veganfoodshare veganfoodporn wholefoods nutrition sugarfree dairyfree fitmom fitfam foodie whatveganseat food feedfeed cleanfood cleaneating cleaneats recipe veganfood losingweight recipe veganlife vegansofig eatclean

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Emma Brainch


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I love to see dishes chefs have worked their magic on using our ingredients, here's @jimwhatcott @lustyglazebeach yummy foodgasm foodiechats foodiepic food foodie foodlover instafood recipe delicious eat foodblogger foodblog

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Comment from FLEUR DEVIGNE 🇫🇷 Bordeaux:

Un petit rafraîchissement chez Darwin, avec la décoration qu'on adore tous 🤗❤ . . delicious sweet yummy tea ice bio ginger instafood homemade instagood tasty beautifulcuisines bordeaux bordeauxmaville yum french recipe happy delish nomnom eeeeeats morning lefooding goodmorning photooftheday canonphoto interiordesign

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Sandra Yuliet Pérez C.


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En rápido,fácil y Saludable con Salud Perfecta hoy les comparto este super desayuno: Pancake de Banano: Ingredientes: ✔2 claras de huevo+1 yema. ✔Avena en hojuelas 1 cda ✔banano 1/2 unidad ✔Aceite en Spray PAM ✔Esencia de vainilla ✔canela en polvo al gusto. ✔Fresa 1 unidad ✔Conserva de Agraz endulzada con Stevia 1 cda. Mezclar todos los ingredientes en tú licuadora y cocinar con el aceite en Spray y buen provecho que disfrutes este super desayuno para estar y vivir en Salud Perfecta. saludperfecta receta desayuno recipe nutrition nutricionistaenpereira sandrayulietperezcastro

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Comment from Asda:

Put the kettle on… it’s time for tea and biscuits. The best kind of biscuit… Billionnaire’s Shortbread with gold dust! Need we say more? Search RECIPE Billionaire Shortbread Asda goodliving Recipe Biscuit Shortbread Baking Chocolate Caramel Gold teatime elevenses

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Chef Dev


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Eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter! Winning The study, published by Kyorin University professor Yoshihiko Koga, said eating ice cream right after waking up can result in improved instances of alertness and mental performance. HAVE A GOOD DAY! ❤

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The best part of each meal is dessert according to most of the people. We were informed that @sanayi313 is great on their desserts and presentation is even very well. If you are our follower and try there, tell us regards as well. The bite is had by @sedenks on behalf of us. Enjoy! As an exclusive food society, in RiziKo, we cook, we share and we discuss on common pleasures.It's fantastic! 🔜🔜 For recipes, follow on facebook foodculture foodphoto foodie foodstyling foodstagram thekitchn tastespotting foodgawker mecookmeeat recipe recipes foodphotography foodpic foodgasm realfood homechef rawfood instafood tasty chef good 먹스타그램 delicious yummy hungry foodpics cooking riziko nomnom foodography

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Valentina Distefano


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Quando si dice...mettere il cuore nelle cose che si fanno❤️. 🇬🇧Bread with heart💙. gnam homemade fashionfoodhungry igersitalia ilovecooking foodart instafood instagood instamood love lunch photooftheday recipe sharefood sogood stuffed TagsForLikes foodpic tagsta_food tasty yummy semoladigranoduro senatorecappelli

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Paleo Dishes


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Moroccan-ish Carrot Salad (Whole30, Vegan & Gluten-Free). Check out the link in our Instagram profile bio for the recipe. ============ Tap on the url up in my bio for a free paleo book! ============ Photo & recipe courtesy: Dana Zia

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Pimentón de La Vera Hermanas


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Si hay algo que nos gusta del invierno son las comidas de cuchara. Como esta receta tan buena de sopa de lentejas rojas de @becausegb. Ideal con nuestro PimentóndelaVera 🍽😋 Meals with spoons are what we like most in winter. Like this delicious recipe of red lentil soup by @becausegb. It's ideal with our smokedpaprika 🍽😋 ➡ laschichasdelpimenton hechoenlavera lavera pimenton paprika smokedspanishpaprika spanishfood spanishgastronomy gastronomy food foodporn foodie foodies recipes lokecooking lashermanas lashermanaspimenton pimentondelavera

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Carrie's Home Cooking


Comment from Carrie's Home Cooking:

Sheet Pan London Broil with Potatoes and Asparagus – a wonderfully easy and delicious family pleasing sheet pan dinner that bakes in one dish making it an ideal weeknight meal. Link in bio. foodstagram foodblogger foodblog food eatingfortheinsta dailyfoodfeed buzzfeedfood whatsfordinner eeeeats forkyeah nomnomnom recipe dinner easy baked asparagus potatoes yumm sybl foodphotography foodie

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melissa ellen 🌿

Comment from melissa ellen 🌿:

I still cannot eat raw veggies (womp womp) but I can take pictures of my man's quick and easy paleo lunches 😂 // this is just baby kale + tuna + onions + radish drizzled with olive oil.

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•C A R O L I N A•


Comment from •C A R O L I N A•:

✨Buenos días, bom dia, guten morgen, bonjour, buongiorno 👋🏽😀 Mitad de semana, cómo van esos días? Bien? Mal? Regular? 🤔❓ ⚠️Hoy no pude salir a correr porque ayer me caí en el gym, andaba colgada como 🐒 porque estaba haciendo abs y como a mi Dios se le olvidó darme estatura 😓, había puesto 2 steps uno encima del otro como base y bueno pisé muy al filo del step y juashhhhhhh, al piso y caí con la cadera y me duele 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 pero bueno ni modo, suele pasar no? O no? 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️ gymaccident ⚡️Desayuno: MUGCAKE DE MANZANA Y AVENA ✅ 📝🔹3 claras 🔹1 huevo 🔹1/4 tza avena 🔹1/2 manzana 🔹1 cda proteína choco 🔹1/2 cdita polvo de hornear 🔹canela al gusto Todo a la licuadora y poner en una taza para micro y 2' 1/2 a 3' depende el micro. Por encima los Toppings que Uds deseen! 💁🏽🍌🍫 🗣Qué tengan un bonito día ☀️🌈💋 • • • • breakfast breakfasttime healthyfood healthybreakfast mealprep mugcake mugcakefit mugcakerecipe recipe healthy healthychoices healthylife fitness fitnessmeal fitfam fitnessfood fitfood fitnessgirl fitnessaddict instafood behealthy befit livehealthy livefit happyday happywednesday

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Abigail McPherson


Comment from Abigail McPherson:

Hell to the yes!! I demolished this in about 30 seconds 😍 lunch healthy yummy tasty eggs protein instafit workforit absaremadeinthekitchen smokedsalmon instafit recipe

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App & LifeHack Make Life Easy


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[Cook of the Day] Braised Chicken with asparagus and leek ⠀ ⠀ Helper Tool: Zinitt Multi Kitchen & Cooking Timer Pro ⠀⠀ ⠀ zinitt app cooking chicken cookoftheday zinittCook Chef CookingTimer recipe bestoftheday ⠀ Source:Epicurious

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Jacopo Mariutti


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Jacopo Mariutti:

Per rimettermi in pace con il mondo basta poco: mi basta preparare uno dei miei piatti preferiti e scegliere un buon vino da abbinare. Oggi mi sono preparato petto d'anatra con riduzione all'arancia e un bicchiere di Valpolicellaclassico . Verjago è un vino rosso, profumato e avvolgente, un vino che viene prodotto in Valpolicella, una delle zone vinicole più pregiate d'Italia. @Dominiveneti è un'azienda storica che produce questo ed altri ottimi vini. Non avete voglia di coccolarvi un po' anche voi? DominiVeneti originalValpolicella . . . . . . granochirico nonsolopastiera nuovericette yallersitalia capture_today browsingitaly huffpostitagram italymagazine vscogrid framesofitaly killeverygram moodygrams folkmagazine chaosmag foodie taste delicious food instafood yummy ricette recipe foodblog photofood recette foodstyle food loggeritaliani

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Comment from Schweinehundbezwinger:

👨🏻‍🍳Ein Gericht für faule lazy schweinehund keepitsimple Ganze 3 Hauptzutaten hab ich für mein Essen zum Mitnehmen 🍱👍😊 benutzt. rezept recipe 🔸200g Kidney Bohnen 🔸100g FETA Käse 🔸Eine Frühlingszwiebel ➕ Garniert mit Dressing 🍶 aus Olivenöl, Balsamico Essig, Senf und ein bisschen Schnittlauch 🍃 Viel Spaß beim Nachmachen!!😎🤘 👉Teile das Rezept gerne mit jemandem, der gerade sein fett loswerden will oder den Fleischkonsum einschränken möchte. 😊👍vegetarian Lowcarb protein Nährwerte 575 kcal, 24g KH, 39g F, 29g E 👍 Schweinehundbezwinger stärkermitjedemwiderstand nofilter

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Comment from lunchbreakbakers:

Avocado Toast ist so 2016 - wir lieben ihn trotzdem! Gleich zwei Rezepte findet Ihr auf dem Blog (Link in Bio). avocado avocadotoast avocadolove brotzeit breadfeb

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