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Chelsea • The Nutrition Mama


Comment from Chelsea • The Nutrition Mama:

We've been loving homemade custard in our house lately, the kids can't get enough and I've been using it to get some extra probiotics into them when serving it cooled. I've been serving it up with homemade jelly or stewed fruits for a sweet treat. This is the recipe I use and it can be done from start to finish in 5 minutes and will keep in the fridge for 3 days. What you'll need: • 4 free-range/organic egg yolks (5 if you want to use a dairy-free milk) • 1/4 cup of raw sugar (you can use maple syrup but it will alter the taste) • 1 teaspoon natural vanilla extract • 1 tablespoon of cornflour • 2 cups of milk of your choice (I usually use cows milk or boxed coconut milk - see above note on eggs if using coconut milk) What you'll need to do: 1. Whisk the egg yolks, sugar, vanilla and cornflour until combined. 2. Then whisk in the milk 3. Microwave for 4 minutes, taking out and whisking at 1 minute intervals. 4. Sit and let cool and then enjoy 😊 . . . . . healthykids wholefoodkids healthymum healthymummy healthyfamily familyfood toddlerfood nutritionist familynutrition babyledweaning blw whatifeedmykids whatifeedmyfamily wholefoods healthyfood recipe custard homemade

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Comment from pako_mayu:

ナスとピーマンのそぼろあんかけ . 熱々に熱したフライパンに オリーブオイル タラーーーーー ナス ゴロゴロ ピーマン ザザザッと入れて パチパチジュウジュウ 揚げ焼きにする ピカピカになったら お皿で待機 同じフライパンに鶏ひき肉バタッ 生姜すりおろしポテポテポテー お酒トポッ チャカチャカ 薄っすらピンクが残ってる状態で ナスとピーマン ドドゴロロー めんつゆトポトポー みりんトポッ お酒トポッ お砂糖サララ クルクルクツクツ 味が染み込んできたら 水溶き片栗粉 トロトロ クルクルクルー クルクルクルーっとして出来上がり! . おうちごはん お弁当 bento 夏野菜 テリテリ ごはんがすすむ ごはんもりもり 和風 和食 生姜 ginger そぼろ あんかけ ビール もぐびぐび beer ナス ピーマン 時短レシピ レシピ recipe 毎回似てる食材upしてる ww 他にもたくさん食べてます ww 1食20品目 夏風邪バイバイ happylife 😋

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Comment from Sam:

A perfect appetizer!!! I love it!!! springrolls fries crunchy crispy food foodporn foodlover instagram instafood instagood delicious recipe

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Comment from bugbeebites:

Ground turkey taco bowls with salsa and homegrown bell peppers.

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Lola Wiarco Dweck


Comment from Lola Wiarco Dweck:

Here's another spicy combo for you: watermelon paletas with a hint of mint and a hint of spice by @mexicanfoodmemories. -- PaletaWeek recipes and bloggers: (direct link in profile)

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Arukah Handcrafted


Comment from Arukah Handcrafted:

Check out these awesome recipe boxes which our two sons created for their nanna. They did a fantastic job. recipe boxes handmade wood boxjoints

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Valeria S


Comment from Valeria S:

Food illustrations | Easy & Healthy 🎨🍞🍅😋 . . . food foodporn healthyfood healthybreakfast healthyrecipes recipe recipe foodblogger yummy delicious tomate sendwich watercolor illustration foodphoto foodislife foodlovers foodstagram foodshare foodoftheday breakfast cucumber

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Jess BHealthSc GCertPubHlthNut


Comment from Jess BHealthSc GCertPubHlthNut:

PUMPKIN GNOCCHI 🍝 . This week my grade 4 students made pumpkin gnocchi in a burnt butter sage sauce. We used pumpkin, potatoes & sage leaves from our garden. . The recipe is as follows... . 1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. . 2. Peel and cut 400g of pumpkin into 1cm cubes. Wrap in foil with 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp water. Bake in the oven for 35 mins. . 3. Boil 800g of potatoes in their skins for 35 mins or until soft. Cool and peel the potatoes. . 4. In a large bowl mash the potato and pumpkin until smooth (or use a food processor). . 5. Place 500g of plain flour on a clean surface and tip the pumpkin mixture + 1 tsp of nutmeg over the top. . 6. Knead until a soft dough forms. Divide the dough into 4 pieces. . 7. Place a large pot of water over high heat to boil. . 8. Roll each piece of dough into 1cm wide logs. Use a knife to cut the gnocchi at 1cm intervals and dust with a little more flour to prevent sticking. . 9. Add 1 tsp of salt to the boiling water. Drop each individual gnocchi into the pot. The gnocchi are cooked when they rise to the surface. . 10. Serve with your choice of pasta sauce. Feeds 4-6 people. . sakgp stephaniealexanderkitchengarden cooking kids kidscooking kidsinthekitchen paddocktoplate kitchengarden homemade gardenproduce nutrition nutritionist pasta gnocchi pumpkin potato sage italian melbourne melbournefoodie foodie foodiegram foodstagram foodblogger recipe vegetarian vegetarianrecipes vegetarianfood vegan

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Comment from Whatsstevejcooking:

Comfort food Saturday night, fried pork chops and smothered potatoes comfortfood dessert caramel caramelo candy dinnerpics comfortfood cooking twistedfood makeathome food jacsoncabinlife dinner gravey yum saturdaynight food foodie foodlover recipe grits yummyhappy sharelove wildgame plantbased friedpork gravy porkchops smootheredpotatoes deepfried

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Catherine Vu 📍California


Comment from Catherine Vu 📍California:

I love it when the bf cooks dinner for me, too bad I have to wait until tomorrow. cuban roast pork family recipe garlic mint orange lime oliveoil cigars

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Comment from КУЛИНАРИЯ:

Подпишись, чтобы не пропустить новые видео 👉 @instakuxnya 👉 @instakuxnya Люля-кебаб Я добавила на этот раз: только лук 1 шт на 500 г мясного фарша, желательно брать бараний и говяжий 50/50, немного кориандра, тимьяна, соли и перца, (по желанию можно добавлять зиру, чеснок, зелень, лимонный сок..) фарш нужно хорошо обмять минут 15-20. Затем лепить формы, запекать в раскалённой духовке при 200 градусов примерно 25-30 минут. Приятного аппетита мои хорошие! кулинария рецепт видеорецепты кухня еда повар блюдо первое второе вкус сладости десерт food cook cooking eat recipe recipevideo blog instafood Insta instagram

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Genevieve 🌿🦄💃🏼


Comment from Genevieve 🌿🦄💃🏼:

The only way to have a bagel 👌🏽 @traderjoes Seasoning Salt and everythingbutthebagel seasoning because over organic cream cheese topped on an onion bagel. 😍 • • • • • • huffpostfood buzzfeedfood recipe recipedeveloper foodporn food foodpics foodie foodgawker truecooks eeeeeats foodaddict eatstagram tastemakers foodcoma foodstylist foodstyling f52grams yummy thekitchn sacramentoblogger fitnessblogger foodblogger foodlover huffposttaste feedfeed bagel sugarfree

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Comment from Alessia:

Yesterdays collaboration with the lovely @beetsoflove ❤️ recipe online soon!! food foodie foodpic foodpics foodblogger foodphotography instagood instafood nomnom pictureoftheday recipe tasty yum veggies vegetarian dish salad noodles tofu sesameseeds asian coriander cashew beets

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The Never Jaded Vegan


Comment from The Never Jaded Vegan:

Tropical Fruit Salad! I don't always eat this much fruit, but when in Ro- Hawaii 😉. I started my Saturday with a Croosfit workout then came home to this beautiful mix of watermelon, peach, mango, strawberries, and blue berries all topped with lime! Have you tried lime juice on your fruit before? It's so good! 🍉

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Christopher Allen


Comment from Christopher Allen:

LIVE NOW: Fifth time was a charm! Vlog includes: my iced coffee recipe, workout motivation, possibly the best planner ever, recipe for crispy sweet potato fries, and shopping trip to Michaels. Leave a comment if you make it to the end! ❤️plannerhaul plannernerd planneraddict plannerlove planners louisvuitton michaels recollectionsplanner thestartplanner recipe metime selfcare selflove youtube youtuber youtubers

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Comment from alice10x10:

salsasuace recipe salsa tomato cilantro onion peper serranos 살사소스 토마토 레시피 양파 후추 소금 실란트로

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Comment from Kim:

After our trip to the @getawayhouse, the bf and I have been craving more adventures outside and away from technology and the city. 🏕 Starting to plan some escapes to NY campgrounds. Anyone from NYC have suggestions of great parks to check out? Or hiking grounds that are good for a day trip? MOSTLY I'm just trying to find more places to roast s'mores....because apparently I'm addicted. I made one using my stove the other day and burned part of my lip off trying to take the marshmallow off with my mouth. (Sometimes I make dumb choices.🙈) Please send any and all vegan/nyc camping thoughts this way!!! Peace, love, and the weekend ✌🏼 * * * * * * * * * vegan vegansofig veganbaking whatveganseat veganeats veganeating eatgoodfood nutrition crueltyfree crueltyfreefood aspiringchef recipe dairyfree blog chef nycamping camping baker veganbaking bake thefeedfeedvegan hotsugarbaker cake cupcakes takingorders nycbakery nyc nycbaker

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Comment from foodgawker:

Rosemary Cornmeal Buttermilk Biscuits - cornmeal makes for the most tender, buttery, and unique biscuit, a perfect vehicle for your breakfast sandwich! ~ Find the recipe at by @mommazskitchenak

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SashaEats 🍴🍷✈️☕️


Comment from SashaEats 🍴🍷✈️☕️:

Tuna spaghetti recipe 🍝

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Lau Guayacán


Comment from Lau Guayacán:

breakfastidea Para mañana o porque no breakfastfordinner Esta idea es super sencilla, rápida y deliciosa! frenchtoast bemorefitrecipes •2 tajadas de pan integral 🌾🍞(fijense mucho en los ingredientes, usualmente los panes que conseguimos en el supermercado tienen harina común y corriente!) • 1 huevo 🥚 •Bananito al gusto 🍌 •Fresas al gusto 🍓 •Mantequilla de maní 🥜 o miel • Un chorrito de leche de almendras o leche vegetal •Canela y/o stevia Mezclamos el huevo, con el chorrito de leche, canela y un poquito de stevia. Empapamos bien las tajadas en la mezcla y en un sartén bien caliente las ponemos hasta que doren. Las acompañas de tu fruta favorita y listo! lessthan10minutes recetabemorefit healthyversion

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