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Does sarcoplasmic growth exist at all? Just like myofibrillar protein synthesis, sarcoplasmic protein synthesis is a measurable value. But as the research shows (for instance N.A. Burd & colleagues, 2010), sarcoplasmic protein synthesis is only achieved by protein ingestion and is not influenced by resistance exercise. Without the proper understanding of the link between CNS (central nervous system) and muscle it is impossible to fully comprehend the mechanism of developing muscular strength. (See the article on STRENGTH here) Such lack of proper understanding probably lead to creation of a theory with a sophisticated name “Sarcoplasmic vs Myofibrillar muscle growth”. The theory goes like this: -Bodybuilders have large muscle mass but lack in strength (which is basically not true) -Weight lifters and others have smaller muscle mass but more strength (also dubious) -There has to be a difference in the structure of muscles typical for bodybuilders and that of weight lifters (this is probably true although in a different way that this theory proposes) -The explanation is that while bodybuilder’s muscle fibers are mostly inflated by sarcoplasmic fluid (wrong) the muscle fibers of weight lifters are thick, comprising of more protein Read more on this topic here: musqle mass gainz fitness fitfam grow iron love uk london ironlovers gym bodybuilding powerlifting liftorleave trainhard science bodytransformation art training россия спорт спортзал бодибилдинг фитнес ifbb gymlovers workhard health

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Vũ Đình Nam


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New toys, named S science week phichitchulanontcospla electronic picture great tv vscocam

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be inspired by pictures


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Впереди 2 выходных. Нужно срочно придумывать план побега😂😥🤔 planstogo выходные планпобега helloworld ball-shaped planet spherical illustration map universe sphere ball people environment International business science graphic design

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Justyna Rerak


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Today was a science day! architecture scienceworldvancouver scienceworld

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حاجی‌خانی | hajikhani


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آیا میدانستید؟ . @hajikhani24 . دانش فناوری عجایب جهان مکان دانستنیها دانستنی دنیا جالب آشنایی علم اپل کارمند سراسر_جهان Knowledge Technology wonders Locations knowledge Known World Interesting Acquaintance Science apple Employee allovertheworld

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💍Gioielli Lara e Bubi💍


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🐾📸🐾📸 gita museo storia scienze natura dinosauri fossili animali museum science nature natural dinosaur dinosaurs amazing animal animals travel travelling ciao hello day milano milan italia italy love life instamilan instaitaly

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Repost @duniaternak ( @get_repost) ・・・ Pencegahan penyakit pada ternak 1. melakukan vaksinasi dan pengujian/tes laboratorium terhadap penyakit menular yang ditetapkan oleh instansi berwenang 2. mencatat setiap pelaksanaan vaksinasi dan jenis vaksin yang dipakai dalam kartu kesehatan ternak 3. melaporkan kepada Kepala Dinas yang membidangi fungsi peternakan dan kesehatan hewan setempat terhadap kemungkinan timbulnya kasus penyakit, terutama yang diduga/dianggap sebagai penyakit hewan menular 4. pemotongan kuku dilakukan apabila diperlukan 5. pemberian obat cacing dilakukan secara rutin 3 (tiga) kali dalam setahun 6. pakan yang diberikan tidak mengandung bahan pakan yang berupa darah, daging, dan/atau tulang. Sumber gambar : duniaternak dunia ternak info informasi cerita ilmu pengetahuan sains edukasi kuliah peternakan pertanian tulisan wawasan kuliahonline sharing writing animal science husbandry education information knowledge animalscience animalhusbandry kesehatanhewan biosecurity

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Shashank Sharma


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Wow😨😵😵😵 . . . universe nasa space astrofacts astronomy cosmos earth sun science spacephotography milkyway galaxies milkywaychasers stars world amazing pictures hubble telescopes astronomers spacefacts facts didyouknow nightsky sky fun instagramer

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💍Gioielli Lara e Bubi💍


Comment from 💍Gioielli Lara e Bubi💍:

🐾📸🐾📸 gita museo storia scienze natura dinosauri fossili animali museum science nature natural dinosaur dinosaurs amazing animal animals travel travelling ciao hello day milano milan italia italy love life instamilan instaitaly

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There are other sections in the Science Museum which you can explore for free. You just need to donate £5 as you enter the main entrance. This is the energy section. Lots of things for kids to play with and all are related to energy. A great place for them to learn about energy in a very interactive environment. energy renewableenergy nonreneweableenergy london sciencemuseum science summerfun summerholidays travels travelexperience malaysiantravelling malaysianabroad melancong malaysians malaysianfamily keluarga travelfamily travelling cuti bercuti lovetotravel

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Yoshinori Takafuji


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快晴! 絶好の交配日和! 最近は天気悪かったので今日はよく咲いてくれました! 晴れ 稲 イネ 理系 大学院生 日常 出穗 開花 花 rice flower flouring cross science undergraduate biology plant sunny

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Comment from medicina_dgn:

Check out these tendons stretching! This patient underwent a surgical excision of a squamous cell carcinoma on the dorsum or back of his hand. The video was taken prior to a skin graft placed on the affected area! Squamous cell carcinomas are enlarging red bumps, sometimes with a rough, scaly, or crusted surface. They may also look like flat reddish patches in the skin that grow slowly. If untreated, they can become ulcerated (open sores). They appear on sun-exposed areas such as the head, neck, ears, lips, back of the hands and forearms. Although rare, if it does metastasize, it commonly travels to the local lymph nodes. Surgical excision with a free margin of healthy tissue is the most beneficial treatment option, which explains why this patient had such a big area removed. ✅✅проверить эти сухожилия stretching! это пациент прошли хирургический иссечение из чешуйчатый клетка карцинома на спинка или назад из его рука. видео был принято предшествующий к кожа трансплантат помещенный на пострадавших площадь! чешуйчатый клетка карциномы являются enlarging красный шишки, иногда с грубо, чешуйчатый, или покрытый коркой поверхность. они может также смотреть как квартира красноватый патчи в кожа что расти медленно. если не лечить, они может стать ulcerated (открытый язвы). они появляются на солнце-выставленный области такие как голова, шея, уши, губы, назад из руки и предплечья. хотя редкий, если это делает метастазировать, это обычно путешествия к местный лимфоузлов. хирургический иссечение с бесплатно маржа из здоровый ткань это большинство выгодный лечение вариант, который объясняет почему это пациент имел такие большой площадь удаленный.scienceanatomybiologyhumansurgerynursebodymedicalstudentmedicinevideovideosвидеомедицинателочеловекболезньврачмедикстудентбольницажизньнаукажестьздоровьедевушкилекарствоmedicina_dgnanesthesiology medicalstudent

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Comment from Patrick:

Hello art🎨 art summer robot watercolor paint space science postitart alien hello happyplace

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Kãshfï Tåñvêër


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Physical Therapy Research


Comment from Physical Therapy Research:

📚🔬 SubAcromial Pain Syndrome ➡️ This systematic review covers common PT treatments delivered for patients with "Subacromial Pain Syndrome." . 💡 This diagnosis is often debated and under discussion as the mechanism of pathology varies in presentation and is not specifically understood. 💡 The strongest findings advocated for exercise therapy mainly and found some manual therapy techniques to add extra benefit in the short term. 💥 Future Impact on Clinical Practice? ➡️ * Clinicians should prescribe stretching and strengthening of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles as the first-line treatment to improve pain, function and range of motion in individuals with subacromial pain. . ➡️ * Exercises associated with mobilisations may optimise improvements in pain and function. ➡️ * Low-level laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field do not appear to reduce pain or improve function. ➡️ * There is no evidence to recommend the use of taping in isolation or combined with exercise to improve pain or function. . ➡️📚🔬 * Check out the full article for more detail!

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ProSTEM (Prodia StemCell)


Comment from ProSTEM (Prodia StemCell):

Selamat ulang tahun Ibu Dr. Cynthia Retna Sartika, M.Si. (Direktur PT. Prodia StemCell Indonesia) - @cynthia_sartika. . Semoga selalu diberikan nikmat panjang umur, semakin sukses dan sehat selalu! 😊🙏. . . . birthday ulangtahun prodia prodiastemcell prostem stemcell selpunca umbilicalcord cordblood talipusat hospital medical science jakarta indonesia lifestyle travel traveller singapore malaysia europe healthy mom baby family doctor dokter pregnant bumil

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Shivkrupanand Swami


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Jai Baba Swami babaswami gurudev guru sadhguru spiritualguru spirituality spiritualyawake meditation meditate love bharat humanity public soulmate soul health hindi yoga yogalove world peace gurucharan gurupaduka cosmicenergy science gurusandesh mind body russia

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Sorority Girl in Science Field


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Feeding kangaroos at the Lone Pine Kangaroo & Koala sanctuary 🌿🌼

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Нижний уровень музея Моря с ископаемыми млекопитающими и палеонтологическими раскопками в Айа/Напе , здесь можно увидеть кости, черепа последних европейских карликовых слонов и бегемотов, чей возраст предполагается более чем 75000 лет. Также я показала, как морюшко отделило часть от материка с образованием Кипра и других островов вкл Крит и греческий архипелаг наукаижизнь знания кипр путешествиясдетьми science векжививекучись буднимамы буднипрепода

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Kerry Bennett


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Awesome New BBC Show, Astronauts; Do you have what it takes? ~~~~~ BBC2 Sunday 20th August 9pm. ~~~~~ astronauts astronauttraining astrokerry girlpilot believe bbc challengeyourself inspire trainhard toughcompetition imontvmum space science scienceiscool

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