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Marvin Guzman


Comment from Marvin Guzman:

A lot of times in life you're blessed with a loving family or group of friends who genuinely care about you, but if you're really lucky, you're blessed with both since the beginning. I have been truly blessed to have an amazing support system of family, friends, and an amazing woman, who have at some point, guided me through the peaks and valleys of my life for the past 28 years. Thank you all! 28 vino purpleandgoldballoons lakerscolors shejustgetsme

18 Hours ago

Wendy Macdiarmid💕


Comment from Wendy Macdiarmid💕:

In my face!! These puppy dog eyes bring me calm and comfort... Hugs💖✨myworld pawprintsonmyheart mycalm shejustgetsme rescuedog

20 Hours ago

Trienne F topp


Comment from Trienne F topp:

I guess this artproject was worth her being gone all day 😍😏 teagunmichelle shejustgetsme allsmiles momlifeisthebestlife

1 Days ago

Rebecca Thomason


Comment from Rebecca Thomason:

Leo twins augustbirthdaycelebration shejustgetsme leoslaughlots

1 Days ago

Beck Freese


Comment from Beck Freese:

Beach hangs with my J 👯💎 shejustgetsme

1 Days ago

Aprille Humphrey


Comment from Aprille Humphrey:

Always a blast with this one thanks for my makeup 💄👌🏼shejustgetsme wehavethesamesenseofhumor @beautybyaubreebrooke

2 Days ago

The wayfarer


Comment from The wayfarer:

We all have that one friend that tries to turn us into an alcoholic ... cc: @aenmdzan @waty_ty shejustgetsme thatswhatshesaid thatswhatyouget girlsjustwannahavefun itsajoke mybffisbetterthanyours againthisisajoke irl

2 Days ago

Britt B


Comment from Britt B:

My new favourite coffee mug, from one of my most valued and beloved friends! besties love coffee java girlfriends shejustgetsme

3 Days ago

Jacqueline Odulio


Comment from Jacqueline Odulio:

I can't explain it , it's never that you love them more it's just a different kind of relationship between a daughter and a mother, and the older she gets the more I realize just how blessed I am to get to know this feeling, this kind of bond,beyond words!shecompletesmemybestfriendforevershejustgetsmewecantalkforhours

3 Days ago



Comment from Nix:

This chick ❤️✌️ shejustgetsme idontgiveaeffaboutyoooo

3 Days ago

Nicole 🎀


Comment from Nicole 🎀:

Happy birthday to this beautiful person I became so close with the last year. I hope you have an amazing day today 😘😘😘 @ginaelizabeth mycolumbian bestfriends shejustgetsme

4 Days ago



Comment from MommyRhetoric:

When your sub leaves you this nice note because at one time she was your student and now she is all grown up and stuff and doing big things! 💜myotherpurple shejustgetsme spicerangermomma

5 Days ago

Samantha Gorman


Comment from Samantha Gorman:

No one will ever be as entertained by us as us. ✌🏽 tatatikitita shejustgetsme chrisstapleton maratimers itsmellslikestoolsinhere itsverystooly hahaha

5 Days ago



Comment from Erin:

Ali!!!! So glad I got to spend so many hours visiting with her this week and yet it still didn't feel long enough 💕shejustgetsme alwayshas @alibocks

5 Days ago

Nicola Murphy


Comment from Nicola Murphy:

Little Surprise from my beautiful wife @jojowip because I've had a shit day - mywifeisbetterthanyours harrypotter gryffindor primarkharrypotter stripes shejustgetsme iloveher

6 Days ago



Comment from Carly:

When you've been gone too long and your bestie knows that you're probably suffering from Laffy Taffy joke withdrawals. shejustgetsme addictedtolaughter

6 Days ago

Lauren Sauls


Comment from Lauren Sauls:

When your bestie brings you and after baby gift 😍 shejustgetsme

6 Days ago



Comment from Sarah:

I always laugh a little louder with this chica⚓️💃🏻 @Rachel.etemadi . . . . sistertrip chitownadventures lovethislady shejustgetsme dancepartners treeclimbers citybikers rooftoppers

6 Days ago

Kimberleigh Coyne


Comment from Kimberleigh Coyne:

With one of my favorite peeps, @ashparkerrox eating greenchilefest dayofffun shejustgetsme

7 Days ago

Molleigh Wallace


Comment from Molleigh Wallace:

This WCW goes out to my beautiful, talented, wine lovin, snap chat super star of a bestie @melodyboyens 😍 It's been almost a month since we've seen each other and I'm not okay with it... How did I let this happen?? - womencrushwednesday winenot despacito besties missyou badfriends shitshow dancinmachine meandmygirl shejustgetsme orlandodancers prowlersisters orlandopredators

7 Days ago