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JODI G. VALLI🐰 - a small, frail, sensitive and shy 17 year old. jodi was born in rome, italy and when she was 5 years old, her parents and her moved to belleview, new jersey greeted by her grandfather frankie valli, her cousin hermia and her grandfathers producer, ex-band mate and best bud, bob gaudio. when jodi was 10, her parents tragically died in a car accident. after that she became very shy and sensitive. jodi found her escape about 5 months after parents died in dance, forensic science and writing. jodi is currently a dance teacher and is going to college for forensic science and writing. since then, jodi has pursued a few others things she tends to keep a secret. although, if you open her up, she'll tell you. it does take a lot to make her smile and open her up. but once you do, you won't regret it. she also loves to cuddle, and the 80s. she also loves marilyn monroe, lucas till, little mix and the color yellow. if she's in a big sweatshirt and a messy bun, it means she's in one of her moods or studying. she is currently single and kinda not looking. and she does have some friends but would love more. comment your name for a rate and dop. [ #anyrp #allrp #openrp #perrieedwards #perriedwardsrp #littlemix #brycehall #tagsforlikes #mikeybarone #singlerp #straightrp #sadrp #daddyrp🌸 #babygirlrp🌸 #takenrp #sadrp #sexrp #newrp]

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İyi geceler 💕

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Stand tall and prick people... 🖕🏼🍍🤷🏼‍♀️❤️

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☀️ sunbathing is my favourite thing to do in the day 🐶

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Athos 10 mesi

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