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Katie G


Comment from Katie G:

Won the poker canoe derby complete with one of my besties! !! endoftheyear teacherlife ealife summerffun poker

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Mrs. Butala


Comment from Mrs. Butala:

The B Plan happened today. We ended up at the doctor's office for 2 hours instead of what I had planned. (Everyone is fine. Just needed some antibiotics) BUT I thought I would still share a deal I saw this week @target . Found these gems for ONLY $1!!! These are great simple teaching supplies you can enjoy with your kids this summer or add to your classroom. I grabbed some dinosaur, United States, and flags of the world cards. I also love their alphabet and phonics pre-k/kinder books. workbooks flashcards gradelevel prek elementaryschool teacherlife teachersupplies dollarspot deals homeschool summerschool simpleliving planschange beflexible todayisanotherday

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Lisa Steward


Comment from Lisa Steward:

So many great finds at @target ! Filming a Target Haul tomorrow! Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out! YouTube: Learning with Lisa Marie teacherlife iteach2nd iteachtoo teachers dollarspot youtube youtuber teacher teachervlogger teacherfriends teachersonig teachersofinstagram teachersofinsta teachersfollowteachers texasteachers texasteachertribe dallasteachers

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Melody Fu


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It's Mlle Fu to you now 🍎🎓 UofT UofTGrad17 OISE OISEGrad17 alumni HBA BEd teacherlife nextchapter hooded greenismycolor eventheraincantstopus walkingawayfromresponsibilitieslike

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Miss Sally


Comment from Miss Sally:

Saturday's are for watching footy and checking out beanie festivals 😍 . . . . . teachersofinstagram teacherspayteachers aussieteachertribe austeachertribe teachersfollowteachers teacherlife teach2017 iteachtoo movivation teacherlife

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Teach and Tell Us


Comment from Teach and Tell Us:

Why does @shondarhimes insist on making me terrified of planes and flying 😩😩 greysanatomy nomoreplaneepisodesplease

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Miss Payne's Classroom


Comment from Miss Payne's Classroom:

LOOKING FOR INSPO 😍 Tag your favourite TpT seller! teacherlife prepteacher aussieteachers aussieteachertribe teachersfollowteachers teachersofinstagram teacher

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Comment from MariaGabriela:

mindfulmouse teacherlife qoutes vibes staypresent namaste ☘️

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Alexis Renee🌻


Comment from Alexis Renee🌻:

I appreciate all the kind words and prayers with this idea of relocating. He is so faithful! Recently I was offered 2 jobs in 2 different school districts in San Antonio! I was excited for both for different reasons! You see, I'm that "new teacher" still but I know teaching will be a challenge everywhere at some point just like any other job. In a city or in a small town. I will still go home wondering if my students eat, what happens at home, do these kids have what is needed.. no matter what school I'm at. I made my decision and I feel like this job will make me strong, both professionally and personally, and more respected by teachers, family, and friends who generally perceive the profession as a joke. Teaching is hard, and I know teaching in an urban city school district will be even harder, but it's possible. I am passionate about what I do and I need to be where I can work, where I'm happy, and where I'm able to serve my students with my best abilities. To where I can continue to share and take ideas, and develop myself as a teacher. * If you haven't heard the song "Still" by Hillary Scott I encourage you to listen to it. It made me realize that I just needed to sit back and be STILL. My next destination has already been planned out even if I don't know it yet. Through the process of finishing my first year, nervously turning it my resignation, holding back tears DAILY, making trips back and forth to SA, I played this song for 88 STRAIGHT days and some days on repeat (when feeling at my lowest point) and was able to find God's grace. It's amazing! *I wanted a small town school to start my career and eventually wanted to move to a bigger city but I didn't know it would come this soon! Ready or not, I'm going to embrace the change!🤞🏼✨ teacherlife nextjourney adventureawaits

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Mahaley Moretuzzo


Comment from Mahaley Moretuzzo:

Always nice to see that your hard work is paying off! paparazziwithmahaley

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Kristy 💫♌️


Comment from Kristy 💫♌️:

Graduation day is always so bittersweet. I'm so happy to see their success and excited for their futures, but sad to see them go. I wish I had pictures with every graduate from today. I know they're all going to do some pretty great things in this world. Congratulations CCAA Class of 2017! proudmoment teacherlife classof2017

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Comment from sweatersandsmiles:

My current view! Warm and cozy on a cool mountain night! 🏔🌲🔥rockymountainnationalpark rockymountains hiking vacation adventure fireplace warm family fun nationalparkgeek goparks findyourpark teacher teacherlife stlouis boymom blessed

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Kimberley Pierce


Comment from Kimberley Pierce:

When the "littles" bring you gifts, you cherish each one. 3 flowers from 3 different students on the same day! teacherlife iteachprek feelingthelove

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Natalie Gordon


Comment from Natalie Gordon:

"Ancora Imparo" meaning... I am still learning. Feeling proud and full of joy as we end this school year with a wonderful party! So thankful for my tatter tots, their parents, my fellow teachers and all the fun memories we have had this year. Although I will see most of them everyday, I am sad to see Navy Class of 2017 dissolve. This year was my first experience acting as lead teacher and I have learned so much about myself. Big shout out to my co-teacher Cindie who helped make this class so great and supported me in so many ways. ❤️❤️❤️ Being a teacher is wonderful; I want to hold onto this feeling just a little bit longer. 😍 lastdayofschool grateful workgrind teacherlife HVPCC navyclass preschoolteacher fullofjoyandhappiness

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Comment from Andrea:

I mean, really. If it's not, it should be. These are my top three: 😂☺️❤️

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Megan Brown


Comment from Megan Brown:

freefontsmakemehappy festivefonts lessonprep kidart teacherlife fourthofjuly

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Comment from ReineNoire:

Me & my students having a flip flop moment😂🤗privateschool summercamp teacherlife

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Comment from Ken:

Nice day off! High flows but lots of luck teacherlife repyourwater catchandrelease

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Kalli Morgan


Comment from Kalli Morgan:

I guess I'm just gonna keep adding to the list! TeacherLife Certifications Endorsements

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Miss Wong


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