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Sola Salons LA & Ventura


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Ready to take control of your career? Call us today to become your own business owner & rent a studio at Sola! solasalons santaclarita ventura valencia thousandoaks manhattanbeach hair hairstylist massage mua skincare esthetician spraytan teethwhitening nails lashextensions microblading

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Emma Tequila King


Comment from Emma Tequila King:

BLACK EDITION!! I will now be stocking diamond whites black edition polish. Highly recommended and is popular with celebrities and has been featured in several magazines. If interested please private message me. I will also be stocking home whitening kits on request. white smile teethwhitening teethwhitening blackedition toothpolish beauty smiles happy celebrities magazines trend kit gel toothpaste clean beautician

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Like Shop Diva Sandie


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MEMORIAL WEEKEND IS HERE ! Book me for your lash appointment before this promo ends !!!! >>>> Repost from @lashesbypinkii Did someone say "Kim K" ??? It's back THIS WEEK ONLY $65, $75, $85 Full Set special!! Semi Permanent Mink Eyelash extensions!! EXPIRES MAY 30th!!! Call or Text for more information. Licensed & Insured. • • LashBar Brows BrowTinting Luxury Miami miamibound MiamiMinks EyelashExtensions Minks MiramarLashes miamibeach miamisalon miamidade broward squadgoals lashes hialeah lashextensions teethwhitening repost minkstrips 3dminklashes lashstylist lashgoals celebritystylist norland

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Zac Steel ™ Official Ⓜ️


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---- COMPETITION TIME ---- So you can get your hands on one of these Whitening Kits in THIS post! All you need to do is like and tag your bestie and You and your bestie can go into the draw to win one of @simplywhitekits Besties Packd for the both of you! Tag your Ride or Die ✋️ (There is no limit to the amount of tags) (every tag is taken as an entry) (You can tag more than one person) - competition will be active for 12 hours. - if you win you will receive a code which allows you to purchase from the website for 100% off + free shipping. ⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳ @simplywhitekits

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Parkview Dental Care


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Hot new toothpaste on the market 🔥🔥🔥 come check it out toothpaste

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Bianco Smile Teeth Whitening


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Daily essentials via @ausfoxfashion 😀🌱 . . . . . . organic teethwhiteningkit charcoalpowder biancosmile allnatural coconut teethwhitening melbourne australia whiteteeth whitening instasmile smile beauty review smiling smiles like love

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Comment from TOPPCUTTAZ:

repost from The Lash Co of Miramar License and insured! Call or Text 678-834-9465 for more information. Licensed & Insured. • • LashBar Brows BrowTinting Luxury Miami miamibound MiamiMinks EyelashExtensions Minks MiramarLashes miamibeach miamisalon miamidade broward squadgoals lashes hialeah lashextensions teethwhitening repost minkstrips 3dminklashes lashstylist lashgoals celebritystylist norland

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Beautiful Care


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SMILE !!! 😀🖤beautifulcareteeth teeth beautifulsmile fresh diamonds coconut smile teethwhitening brightsmile teeth whiteteeth whitesmile smile coalteeth charcoal carbon

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Saint Andujar


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Your boys teeth looking WHITE! @smilebrilliant worked! I definitely seen results over the 30 days I used there whitening kit. smilefearlessly Enter Free giveaway below ⬇️ $15 off Coupon Code - santosandujar15

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teethwhitening whiteteeth nobleaching noperoxide

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smile teethgoals teethwhitening askmehow resultsspeak

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Fontenot Family Dentistry


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Meet our cool kid on the block at Fontenot Family Dentistry! DR. FONTENOT! You've got all you need to tackle the Louisiana heat sun, champ! 💪 FontenotFamilyDentistry

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Natural Teeth Whitener


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How to make a girl happy... ⠀ 🦋☺️ Tag a friend who owes you a picknick now

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Comment from Nzinga:

Our Activated Charcoal Toothpaste is changing lives Literally! Thank you everyone. Please share with me your reviews by sending them DM or to my company email. ON SALE NOW❗️Check our Activated Charcoal Toothpaste out. Africa's Miracle Activated Charcoal Toothpaste is flouride free and infused with all-natural oil blend. The activated charcoal, along with baking soda coconut oil and himalayan sea salts work together to clean and whiten your teeth while also protecting tooth enamel and freshening your breath. This formula is also beneficial to those who have sensitivity issues. 📍LINK IN BIO📍 whiteningtoothpaste whitening oral blacktoothpaste teethwhitening blackhair blackhealth healthyteeth naturalmakeup naturalhealing naturalhealth naturalista webuyblack africasmiracle blackhair atlantastylist crochetbraids dreads dreadlocks twistoutcharcoal charcoaltoothpaste charcoalmask facial detox oralhealth dentist

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Brighter You LLC


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Come and enjoy a relaxing facial. skincarefacial esthetician acnetreatment skincare chemicalpeel Brazilianwax pimple blackheads pimple facemask vitaminc exfoliating blackmask mudmask skincare skin teenfacial extraction cleanse vajacial backfacial waxing promdermaplaning minklash deadskin teethwhitening facial

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Chesterfield Family Dental


Comment from Chesterfield Family Dental:

KöR whitening is another one of our very popular whitening treatments. KöR whitening is know for those of us who have very sensitive teeth. You won't experience any discomfort after using this product. The KöR whitening trays are made to specifically keep saliva out as well! We love this product! Give our office a call for more details!! chesterfieldfamilydental 417springfield teethwhitening teethwhitening

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Fabio Amaral


Comment from Fabio Amaral:

consultorioodontologico consultoriodentario clinicaodontologica vilamariana reabilitacaoeesteticadental dentaloffice dentalclinic dentalaesthetics aesthetics esteticadental odonto odontologia odontologiaestetica odontology odontolovers dentes dente dentistry dentist carie cavities brushyourteeth tooth toothbrush toothpaste teeth teethwhitening sorrisosaudavel roots rootsofteeth

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Dra. Kamila Godoy


Comment from Dra. Kamila Godoy:

Adote esses hábitos para sorrir mais feliz: 1) Troque a cada três meses sua escova de dentes. Em casos de gripe muito forte e infecção na garganta ou na boca é melhor substituí-la por uma nova; 2) Não palite os dentes para não machucar a gengiva e criar outro tipo de lesões; 3) Preste atenção para não ter uma mastigação unilateral. O hábito de mastigar mais de um lado do que do outro pode desajustar a musculatura e, consequentemente, a arcada dentária; 4) Roer as unhas pode desgastar os dentes, além de trazer uma série de germes, fungos e bactérias que ficam abaixo da unha para a boca. Pessoas com esse hábito estão propensas a bruxismo, ato de ranger e bater os dentes de forma involuntária; 6)  Não abuse de alimentos duros para não quebrar ou rachar os dentes. sorriso dicas cuidados clinicadrakamilagodoy ortodontia dentist teeth smile dental tooth odontologia dentista odonto dentalclinic dentalassistant odontology implant teethwhitening recovery esthetics style itaimbibi guarulhos sp

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Milky Smile Teeth Whitening


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😛 Uber eats this so us now please! May your coffee be gorg and your friday short 📸 @arushikhosla || ||

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