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Ellie Mae McNulty


Comment from Ellie Mae McNulty:

Artists walk today. happy sundayfunday ilovethebeach truth thingsaregettingbetter really malibu artistswalk beachday happy sundayafternoon malibubeach trust faith knowing neilyoung lyrics here and georgeharrison herecomesthesun becauseimhappy thankyou artsaveslives jaigurudev 💧🌊🌞

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k a n n a ︎︎︎☺︎


Comment from k a n n a ︎︎︎☺︎:

. すごくすごく今更やけど 趣味垢始めちゃいました︎︎︎☺︎ 福士のことも利樹のことも嵐のことも 色々自由に投稿したいなと🐹🌿 思いますのでお願いしますネ🤙🏻 . んでもってまたまた今更やけど 2/17 愛しのなすびーぬと天神😸❤️ フォロワーさんと遊んだりするの 初めてで緊張したけど、 カラオケも顔パネもホントに ホントに楽しかった〜〜! また遊ぼうね絶対(^_^)ノ❤︎ . 0220 初投稿 趣味垢はじめました 0217 最高に楽しかったよ thankyou

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Comment from KOTONE:

お酒解禁 _ 昨日は秀斗さんのとこに 国試終わりそのまま顔出しに行った🙋🏻‍♂️ _ 秀次くんの知り合いいっぱい居て え〜〜〜😭てなったけど、 みんな仲良くしてくれて嬉しい🌸笑 _ みんなお疲れ様〜よく頑張ったな〜って 言ってくれて、落ちてるかもしらんのに おめでと〜〜〜!!って乾杯してくれて お酒も飲みや!!お鍋食べや!って 良い人ばっかや(T_T)(T_T) _ 何より秀次くんに感謝🤦🏻‍♂️♥️ _ 色んな人に支えられてるなぁと思った💕 _ とりあえず今日は学校行きたくない🤦🏻‍♂️ _ 第106回看護師国家試験 国試 いろんな意味で終わった お酒解禁 1ヶ月以上ぶり クソうまい 🍺 お鍋 🍲 看護学生 insta l4l friends ❤️ thankyou

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RC Bartolo


Comment from RC Bartolo:

thankyou Lord for another blessings..I deserve this new stuff newphone iphone6plus 📱💜😍

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Duksoo Choi


Comment from Duksoo Choi:


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Comment from LenSocial:

We broke the 100followergoal on twitter!! Thanks to everyone who helped me reach it! Go follow LenSocial on twitter @Len_Social for tons of helpful smallbusiness tipsandtricks!! thankyou blessed smallbusiness entrepreneur smm socialmediamarketing entrepreneurlife followers

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Comment from alexandrah:

If your into makeup and wanna see what I do and my journey thru my diploma. Follow my makeup page 😘 would mean a lot! ❤️ makeup diploma specialFX thankyou

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Shweta Punjabi Achhpiliya


Comment from Shweta Punjabi Achhpiliya:

Fantastic dinner buffet at a srilankan restaurant in Staten Island, NY. In the picture, the owner is checking if there are enough eggs in the egg curry and he ordered for more. Robust flavors and fresh ingredients and to top it all, a vibrant and brilliant ambience! Loved the desserts and the buffet. Gotta go back to try out other dishes on the menu. love srilankan food souveniersofhappiness gothere realtasteofsrilanka humble people thankyou you

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By ayushi


Comment from By ayushi:

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Melvin's Mobile Auto Dtailing


Comment from Melvin's Mobile Auto Dtailing:

thankyou thanks nightlife gaithersburgmd germanrottweiler wecometoyou mobiledetail mobileservices mobiledetailing vwrabbit vw vwbeetle washandwax washingtondc supreme silverspringmd germantown cars carwashing beautifuldestinations beautiful sunnyday follow4follow followme

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Comment from 🍥Slime🍥:

Omg thank u sooo much! And srry I haven't posted (other than the last post) because like I said I got hacked by resetting my password. Anyway thank u guys so much! Omg and i will make more vids I promise! :) and I went to the Humane Society Animal Shelter today and saw a pig😂 slime pig bahaha slimey thanks thankyou

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Comment from RIKO:

・ ・ 11人には感謝しかない 青春の全てで、楽しい事も悲しい事も辛い事も悔しい事もどんなことも11人でやってきた その時間にもっかい戻ることは出来へんけど、一生忘れることない思い出 みんなはりこにとって大切な存在です ほんまにありがとう ・ ・ ・ sdc15th thankyouforever believeinmyself

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Jon Pham


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💙⚾️Las Doyer Fans💙⚾️


Comment from 💙⚾️Las Doyer Fans💙⚾️:

Dodger fan💙 @edwincarr82 lasdoyerfans la dodgers dodgerfan dodgerstadium bleeddodgerblue hebleedsblue thinkblue thankyou

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Comment from JONG B. JING:

"Wherever light is, no matter how weak, these flowers will find it. And that's such an admirable thing. And such a lesson in life." Appreciating the spirit of Sunflower and adapt on self. Stay Bright , Stay Strong and Shines 🌞 sunflower sunlover sun bright strong shines sunshine bluesky naturelover appreciation thankyou cheermeup

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Brandon Ty #BSWAG 🇨🇦🇩🇪🇵🇭


Comment from Brandon Ty #BSWAG 🇨🇦🇩🇪🇵🇭:

Danced all weekend with these 2 & the rest of my Protege squad at the @8count blueprintworkshops!! 👊✌️😃 2017 bpworkshops somuchfun thankyou aĺwayslearning keeplearning dancevocabulary mtldancers HipHop bboy contemporary wlkn nkls getfamiliar

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คางกุ้ง โอคุสโน่เจ้าแรกของไทย


Comment from คางกุ้ง โอคุสโน่เจ้าแรกของไทย:

สวัสดีเช้าวันจันทร์ อันแสนสดใสนะคะ💛 มาทานแซนวิชเปิดหน้าเก๋ๆกันดีกว่า แซนวิชไก่โรย'คางกุ้ง🍤 okusno ' อร่อยและมีแรงไปทำงาน ไปเรียนกันวันนี้แน่นอนค่า😊 คางกุ้งซองหน้าคน คางกุ้งเจ้าแรกของไทย . . . 📝 สามารถสั่งคางกุ้งได้ทาง. Line : @okusno (มี ' @' ด้วยนะคะ). Website : IB Facebook : • ง่าย เร็วและสะดวกด้วยนะคะ😁

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Melisa Diaz


Comment from Melisa Diaz:

Chocolate dreams.. sweetdreams sweet belgium chocolates leonidas praline gift thankyou nice delicious bombon delicatessen chocolatier enjoy sunday night me diovio

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ByAmy 💄


Comment from ByAmy 💄:

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Raquel R

Comment from Raquel R:

Wish I would have written down the words that RaviZacharias shared today at BrooklynTab; I was deeply moved by his message on family, a subject that is rarely mentioned on Sunday sermons. AtTheCoreOfGodsHeart BeautifullySaid JustWhatINeeded ThankYou

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