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Marcin Szczęsny


Comment from Marcin Szczęsny:

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It's A Terp! Cannabis Derived


Comment from It's A Terp! Cannabis Derived:

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Mediwietsite & Mediwietforum


Comment from Mediwietsite & Mediwietforum:

Feest voor de medicinaal cannabisgebruikers! Een nieuw aangenomen wetsvoorstel gaat het waarschijnlijk mogelijk maken om thuis cannabis te kweken voor medicinaal gebruik. Ook wordt het aanbod gedoogde medicinale cannabis gevarieerder. Lees er alles over op mediwiet medicinalecannabis cannabis mmj thc cannabiscommunity cannabissociety cbd maryjane homegrownmedicine weedstagram420 cannabisoil 420 staymedicated medicalcannabis medicalmarijuana

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Cold Coast


Comment from Cold Coast:

Chillin 😎 in the 🛀 after a good flush! Looking happy and healthy a few months in to veg under the mars hydra LED setup. . . . . . . . . . . . . JustBlazeIG stonerdays kush highlife fuledbythc rawlife247 w420 weedstagram420 weedstagram cannabiscommunity marijuana thc strainhunters thehighsociety stonernation 420 crackingnugs dankshots420 cannabischannel cbd blazing freetheweed edibles medibles zootstagram weedshot weedporn uk420 southcoast420 budsofig

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fruity from NL


Comment from fruity from NL:

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Cannabis Club Australia


Comment from Cannabis Club Australia:

We attended the EnoughIsEnough, Sydney Australia Rally (21-02-2017) at 8 AM - 11 AM & it was a great SUCCESS!!! ❤ Help us by sharing the true facts constantly as the benefits from cannabis are too great to ignore.

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Comment from Spacekitty23:

This month just needs to end!! Hate February!! On the bright side this weather is amazing!! marijuana medicalmarijuana marihuana cannabis weedstagram mmmp weedhumor weedmemes plur 420 420life thc 710

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Comment from Marijuanart:

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Comment from Marijuanart:

Die high 👌🏻💀🍀 don't forget to follow us @marijuanart_

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Emma Sic


Comment from Emma Sic:

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Comment from Psykey:

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Hippy Hour


Comment from Hippy Hour:

Left or Right 🤔 Follow @hippy.hour . . . wakeandbake 420mood roaches 420 dabs smoke dank ganja kush highlife vibes stoner thc vape marijuana wellness hemp herb legalizeit cannabis rns bestfriends graphictees reallife hour loudonly

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🍁💨and the occasional 🍄18+ Only


Comment from 🍁💨and the occasional 🍄18+ Only:

First cone of the day. One more and bed time I reckon. Gotta get up before 5am tomorrow. One word: yay cannabiscommunity cannabis headyglass sovereignty sovereigntyglass gline stacks 420 420australia bongs 710 hightimes ozbongs ganja weshouldsmoke maryjane ilovemary iwillmarrymary bestbuds thc

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Comment from Marijuanart:

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Comment from Purizefilters:

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Comment from Mis_plantas420:

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Jerry's Best


Comment from Jerry's Best:

JERRYS using Indoor Dog Shit Cherry Pie In Raw Organic Cones Dog Shit is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain named for its aroma, which bears a striking resemblance to its namesake. For the novelty-seekers not turned off by its name and smell, Dog Shit provides uplifting euphoria that elevates the mood while crushing stress. This strain has an elaborate genetic background that is said to stem from Purple Zacatecas, Colombian Gold, Cambodian, and Hippie Trail Afghani. Cherry Pie's parents are Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. With buds that are dense and full of orange hairs and a touch of purple, this strain smells of sweet and sour cherry pie. The effects have been known to come on in minutes and stick around for a couple hours tell jerry you read this post to receive 2blunts . cherrypie raw blunts joints weedstagram420 gdp durbanpoison columbiangold purps dogshit weed weedstagram weedforsale dank bud blazeit 420 rawcones medicalmarijuana marijuana cannabis kush smoke smokeweedeveryday prerolls raworganic dobbies hybrid thc chronic

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Calan Beasley aka FortyCal


Comment from Calan Beasley aka FortyCal:

@YungXrist and @SuicideLeopard of $UICIDEBOY$ in Dallas, Texas! Check out the new DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE tape! SuicideBoys YungXrist

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