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Jannine Toon


Comment from Jannine Toon:

'It isn't over,till its over' is a phase I sometimes hear my guides using and repeat in readings-and with good reason.We simply can't get from A to C with out doing the B work..this can apply to work,a project or goal but can also be true in relationships..Sometimes we need to take the necessary steps to keep going and gain more learning,acceptance and understanding,also knowing we have tried all we can(which will also benefit our knowledge for the future)before we are truly ready to move forward-you can't push against something that isn't either ready to end or rush a new beginning..Often it's by making a peaceful resolution and commitment within yourself that starts the real change,rebirth process..this will then be shown back to you in the outside world.progress rebirth beginagain spiritual timing psychic readings jodybergsma colettebaronreid oraclecards

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Omkar Kulkarni Photography


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Candid weddingphotography special timing canon📷 50mm 7rounds bride groom doctors © Omkar Kulkarni Photography

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Ben Holland


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Seth Eisner


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I drive by this everyday and finally got just the light I wanted with like 2 minutes to stop and shoot 🙌📸 Always keep your camera on you! photography landscape windmills palmsprings canon 5D clouds sunset love timing light cv_liveshere

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Comment from bianca_bart_cheshire:

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Terrell M Sumpter


Comment from Terrell M Sumpter:

New Day. New beginnings. It's Tuesday, I'm breathing. I'm blessed. GOD still has plans for me. The world 🌏 the (youth) needs me, my words, my smile, my care, my light and encouragement. I can't throw in the towel now, I can't "Give Up" I won't give up I promise to never give up! 💪 Words from the Wise! Don't You Ever Give Up, You Was Never Put On This Earth To Give Up! GOD IS Preparing Something Bigger For You! Have Some Faith In You! TagAFriend quotes tuesdayquotes morningingmotivation positivequotes rolemodel earlymorning encouragement wisdom dailyinspiration breathe timing grind learning leadership togetherwecan goalset betteryourself giveback

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Comment from Maya:

DesperateTimes call for DesperateMeasures the trials of being a Parent 😁 Parenting Kids TimeManagement Schedule Mornings schoolday timing

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Weir and Sons


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Comment from Barış:

Gitmek ve dönmek aslında biraz aynıdır... Farkı oluşturan gidiş dönüş arasında geçen zamandır. İşte o geçip giden zaman "Gidip de dönmemek, dönüp de bulmamak var" serzenişimizin de kaynağıdır!.. GitsendeGitmesendeDönsendeDönmesendeBulsandaBulmasandaZamanıDurduramazsın zaman time terminal istasyoninsanları picoftheday instalike exposure composition photography existentialism awesome life timing frame color instagrammers focus capture

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Comment from THE CREW:

Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is timing it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.

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jason quote


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timing and we just fuked everything up

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Comment from kazu31121:

宴 Leica monochrom leicaMmonochrom snap like timing 酒と紫煙とライカの日々 ご無沙汰。

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Photographer Robert Lindström


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Today again I am posting pictures of the new brand images for Amer Sports and the new Sports Tracker application. Here is one more. amersports sportstracker professionalwork sonya7rii sonyimages sportsphotography running salomon monamiagency workmode sport nofilter london shoes levitation timing

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Gülçin Gür


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📍Hayatta en Kıymetli hediye "zamandır" Kime armağan ettiğine dikkat et..! 📍The most precious gift in life "time" Be careful of whom you gift ..! . . time times timing life precious gift giftoflove hour clock watch happyday beutiful michaelkors michealkorswatch loveit

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Comment from prendii:

It's funny how things work out. Timing really is everything. feelingit timing fullcircle perfect sugarsugar circussaturdays @j0rgar 😚

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Tyler Norris


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Caaaaaaat cat kitten blahhh tiny timing wasssaaaaap sleepy

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Comment from PREPCOACH:

🇮🇹Evoluzione frontale ottenuta in 5 mesi da Pietro aumentando le calorie che ora stazionano a 3250 ed oltre 500 chos. Siete sicuri che il timing dei nutrienti sia ininfluente in un avanzato seppur amatore? Scienza ed esperienza devono essere entrambe ascoltate. 🇬🇧 5 months front evolution made by my client (lifetime drug free and nocompetitor) always increasing calories: now he eats about 3250 kcal and 500 chos die. Are you really sure that nutrienttiming isn't important even for an amateur athlete? You gotta listen both to science and experience. Need Infos?📩 prepcoach teamundergroundbodybuildingmilitia undergroundbodybuildingmilitiaworkout boostyourmetabolism fitnessenthusiast onlinecoaching naturalbodybuilding timing instafit bulking eatmore trainsmart instahealth

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Ozlem Yavuz


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럭키미키 x 미키라벨 🎗


Comment from 럭키미키 x 미키라벨 🎗:

하루 빨리 만난 문장들 기분 좋은 수요일 💜 . . peace nice timing vivresavie book text daily photooftheday

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