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@jouercosmetics X @jeffreestar COLLABORATION ON A NEW TIP TOPPER!! $16 CALLED SWEET TOOTH !! Use code JSTAR For 15% off at Jouer !! 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭 - lfl likesreturned beauty

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Wishful thinking 😉😉 smile healthy dentist dentistry teeth tooth hygienist braces londonbridge morelondon towerbridge

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Katharina Scholz


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Je ferai vraiment une petite souris de merde : la dernière fois je me suis péter la gueule dans la chambre de Julia, et cette fois je l'ai réveillé 😂😂😂 fille girl julia enfance childhood dent tooth petitesouris féedesdents payetonsourire mamancatastrophe tufaisquoidansmachambre racketorganisé

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Emily Rose


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Queen Victoria's eldest daughter's first baby tooth....set in gold to look like a thistle.....c1842......🖤• • • • tooth toothless babyteeth victorian beauty teeth jewelry humanteeth thistle

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SouthPark Pediatric Dentistry


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Happy WorldPhotoDay! We love seeing photos of our smiling patients!

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Belmont Pediatric Dentistry


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Happy WorldPhotoDay! We love seeing photos of our smiling patients! 😄😄😄

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Dr. Alfredo Moreira Leite Neto


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World of Fossils


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🦈 The legendary Megalodon 🦈 One of the mightiest predators to ever roam the seas, this prehistoric shark is probably the most well known amongst fossil hunters. This behemoth could, according to estimates, measure up to 20 meters, making it the biggest shark ever! Of course, only teeth have been found, as cartilage doesn't fossilize well. Megalodon lived in all the seas of the world, and appeared approximately 20 million years ago, before disappearing 1.5 million years ago. • A big mystery remains as for the question of: why did it disappear? The most likely theory is this: Megalodon primarily fed on small whales. But when the Ice Age came, those whales disappeared, and Megalodon lost its main food source; which led to its extinction.🦈🐋❄️ This is not sure though. One thing that is sure is: it's extinct! All those videos you see on the internet with "megalodon sighting!" are simply fake. 📹😒 • Contrarily to popular belief, Megalodon is not from the great white family. In fact, the species name is Otodus megalodon, and not "Carcharodon megalodon" (the great white shark is Carcharodon carcharias). Megalodon actually also, like the broad-tooth white (a few posts ago), had a very complicated name history. Some of its previous names were: "Megaselachus megalodon", "Carcharocles megalodon" and "Carcharodon megalodon" (this one led to the idea that it was in the same family as the great white). • Did you know that meg teeth are actually pretty common? Compared to many other species, they are frequently found. But the reason why people are so much after them is because they are such an iconic figure in paleontology. And any collector would want one in his/her collection on the top shelf. This is why people always get so excited when finding a meg tooth. This is also why the teeth offered on the market are so incredibly expensive! • {Continued ⬇️}

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👑Album note ADRIN baby👑


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۷ ماهگی را آدرین مامان داره تمام میکنه و ماه عسلش دوتا مروارید خوشگل و چهاردست و پا رفتنش و نشستنش است. عزیزم همیشه کنارم باش تو معصومی ؛ تو پسر منی و من مادر توام؛ تمام خود را خرج تو خواهم كرد kidsfashionbaby babyphotography babyboy mamasboy momy boys child children pictureoftheday pictures instagram instakids photo kidcute cutebaby familyphotographymodelmom daddy daily kids toothfun love smilehappy happybirthday

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friday flight holidays vacation time trip aeroport poznan agadir morocco africa here we come family love son without one tooth 😃 always beatiful wife @katewi travel time ❤🚕 🚝🚕 ✈🚌

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Be happy!😊💕

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Alexander Ney


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🎓Estudante de odontologia.


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Pensamos siempre en la comodidad de nuestros pacientes y la tecnología forma parte de dicha experiencia. Contamos con RX Perapical portátil como herramienta diagnosticar complementaria vital para un buen diagnóstico y plan de tratamiento. Dentist Diente Dentista Lechería Odontolasergroup Odontólogo Saludbucal PuertoLaCruz Venezuela consultorio clínica clinicadental Carillas Cerámica Ortodoncia teeth tooth medical doctor CadCam

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Carolyn Minott


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Heard my goldenretriever crunching ended up finding the he'd lost a tooth puppytooth proudpuppyparent

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