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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

Land is so scarce in Hanoi that there are residential and commercial areas set up within a metre of the railway. The railway is fully functional with trains coming past twice a day. Locals pack up their things and ensure they are inside a few minutes before the train passes. Such an interesting place - this is one of my favourite photographs from our trip in Vietnam. Check out our blog post about our time in Hanoi. Link in bio.

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Paradise..? No! The water was SO SHALLOW! Don't do what Jorden does kids 😂😂 Link in bio to Q&A with me! 📸 @jackson.groves

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Stunning islands full of upside down trees, caves, secret lagoons, mangroves, snakes, monkeys, crabs. Phang Nga Bay is just a breathtaking place to explore 🛶🇹🇭

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Pattaya. One of the saddest places I have been to date. Crawling with perversion and a copious amount of young women selling their bodies; this small seaside town is a hot spot for some tourists and you can imagine why. I couldn't help but have a heavy heart during our time there and yet this particular photo brings a smile to my face. It had been the first time we experienced snorkelling alongside friends after taking a 20minute scooter ride to a secluded beach outside of town. Photo credit goes to our good friend Sarah Lazar 💛

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Climbing Everest Base Camp is not always fun and games. This is a helicopter. It may be carrying supplies, but is most likely rescuing a Hiker who got altitude sickness. These rescue helicopters are not uncommon, but if you pace yourself and let your body tell you how hard to push, you should be fine. Always hike with a guide if possible or at least a buddy. Never hike alone.

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Na minha busca de construir uma ponte entre o Brasil e a China, conectando pessoas com afinidade e consciências semelhantes, criei com a Traveland uma viagem transformadora para conhecer essa modernidade milenar. Serão 15 dias de vivências e emersão na culinária, cultura, arte, filosofia, arquitetura e história para mergulhar no que 4 mil anos de história tem para contar ao mundo, acompanhado por especialistas que vão aprofundar o olhar. Um grupo de 25 pessoas que estão na mesma busca de conexão com o lugar, e com o outro. Quem topa? #viagemchina2017 #china2017 #travelasia #outroladodomundo

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