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El Triángulo de Oro (Golden Triangle) se encuentra en la provincial de Chiang Rai, al norte de Tailandia. Este nombre se ha adquirido debido a que es un punto de reunión de los países Laos, Myanmar y Tailandia, pero la gente local conoce este sitio como “Sop Ruak”, ya que es donde el río Mekong se encuentra con el río Ruak. #travelling #travel #photos #photography #turismo #turism #instagood #vacation #instatraveling #tourist #TFLers #visiting #pic #pics #picture #capture #cute #f4f #moment

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A new replacement 🔑 - I love collecting souvenir key rings. Every time I travel, I like to bring back key rings and add them to my massive key bunch. The one on the left is 8 years old, when I last visited Paris and now it has lost 2 of its legs. The one on the right is from my recent visit. I guess now I can get rid of the old one and add the brand new. . . . . . #day22 #365project #365photochallenge #photooftheday #picottheday #souvenir #keyring #memories #eiffeltower #vsco #vscocam #travelling #wanderlust #traveler #vscofrance

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A frisky young rabbit having his mornings chew. He bounced through me, munching on icy snow. Having no ideas or cares, he got up close behind quickly, like a softly winged bird. Then off he was running, my steps close just behind He turned round a tree with me near at his side We rounded the tree so fast it made funny Who’s chasing who, me or the bunny? I thought I had lost him, till he popped out so fast. His fur picked up icy snow. And the chase was back on, with me back on his quarter…

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view of Avenue of the Dead and Pyramid of the Sun - from Pyramid of the Moon in this sacred Teotihuacan complex

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There's an ocean of opportunities for those who believe in themselves... Sunday thought 💭

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"women are great. men are great. humans and animals and love and equality are great. why do we have to make ourselves great again when we believe in that?" - #partofheralwayshidden

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