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andrea smargiassi


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Lele Clothes


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Anna Corda


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☺ Michael


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Max Laing


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Roberto Soldado Fan


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Melania Bellini


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Krystal Kirby is excited about eclipse2017! Krystal Is a graduate student in LSU Physics &a Astronomy, and also works with @penningtonbiomed to help develop new biological imaging methods to support tumor diagnosis and more personalized obesity treatments. 🌙 Krystal: "Like a lot of physics graduate students, my interest in physics started by looking up at the sky when I was young and wondering what's out there, so the solar eclipse is an exciting event for me! Brings me back to what actually got me interested in physics, even though my research subject now is medical physics." 🌙 "In my field, we study nuclear and particle physics to understand the interaction of an MRI machine with your molecules. It's so interesting when you realize that the same physics that governs the tiny protons in your body also governs such huge masses as stars! That's why I love studying 'small' fundamental physics - it helps me understand how the larger things work." 🌙 What do you love most about studying physics/astronomy at @LSU? Krystal: "I love the opportunity for interacting with other fields! As a medical physics student, we tend to be separated from the pure physics research, but my project on quantum coherence MRI combines the fields of diagnostic imaging with quantum optics. It's great to be able to attend talks on topics that are interesting to me, but not necessarily related to my thesis research." 🌙 Any other fun things to say about the eclipse 2017? Krystal: "My family lives in Nashville and will be able to see the total eclipse, but I'll settle for a partial on here in Louisiana. Can't wait to walk outside during the eclipse and see the world suddenly get darker!" geauxtigers physics scienceiseverywhere research video lsuscience eclipse2017

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Daniel Necchi


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Melania Bellini


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Maja Ilic


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Rootabelladollface 💕


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fuck all y'all isis ni🅱️🅱️as


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wee little cakes


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