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Comment from Trudy:

Heerlijk ijsje behaalt in de lekkerste ijssalon van Amsterdam . healthychoice instahealth instadaily journey fit fitfam fitdutches weightloss eat eatclean gezond gezondleven gastricsleeve gastricbypass fitness eatcleantrainhard body foody food bodyenfit

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Sharna Harris ❤😘


Comment from Sharna Harris ❤😘:

Lunch - syn free using HexB- 580 calories . Gammon, chips, mushy peas and a batch . slimmingworld slimmingworlduk swinsta slimmingworldtargetmember slimfast calorie caloriecounting swinsta diet losingweight slimmingdown slimmingworldfood slimmingworldmafia weightlossjourney weightlossdiary weightloss weightlosstransformation slimmingdown

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Comment from Lorie:

I've been hitting the workouts pretty hard, so a rest day is necessary. I would rather beat the gym, but rest and recover are also part of the process. weightlossjourney weightloss fatloss fattofit fitfam fitspiration myhealthylife weightloss2017 strongisthenewskinny strongnotskinny restday

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Chasity Moore 🥑❤️🥓


Comment from Chasity Moore 🥑❤️🥓:

dailyfoodshare breakfast 4 slices of bacon weaved than cooked for my bun with cheese, avocado, tomato and mayo! keto ketosis ketones exogenousketones brainfuel momlife ketogeniclife bacon almost100lbsdown lchf lowcarb lowcarbhighfat highfat weightloss nutrition

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Jo Kardamash


Comment from Jo Kardamash:

slimmingworldlunch BLT using my 2nd HEA eespday and two satsumas for speed sw swblog swfriends swinsta swmafia swsupport swfriends swfollowers swjourney slimmer slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimmingworldmafia slimmingworldblog slimmingworldfollowers slimmingworldfriends slimmingworldsupport weightloss weighdaytomorrow slimmingworldsupport onplan foodoptimising

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Comment from Becky:

Sunday lunch 😊 quiche (10), potatoes (2), salad, sweetcorn (1) and mayo (1) weightwatchers wwuk wwvegetarian wwveggie healthyeating weightloss diet wwinspiration weightwatchersuk ww wwfamily mywwjourney myweightlossjourney smartpoints wwsisterhood weightwatchersfamily foodblogger weightwatchersvegetarian weightwatchersveggie wwsuccess veggie fooddiary

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Comment from Emi_fit_motivation:

Hello 😉 j'espère que vous allez bien. Avec les derniers événements, j'ai légèrement décroché d instagram mais aussi du sport 🙈 Deux semaines sans salle de sport 😫 une semaine sans course, sans rien 😂. (Bon j'avoue que la chaleur ne m'a pas aidé à me motiver 😎🌞 ~ j'étais plus dans le jaccuzi 😍) Parfois il faut savoir lâcher pour mieux répartir 👊 Il y a quand même un peu de positive dans cette semaine. Tout d'abord, la signature d'un CDI 😀🍾🥂 Nouvelle coupe de cheveux 💇‍♀️ et un peu de shopping🛍 ~ premier short en 38 😲 Comment vous dire que je n'en reviens pas, je n'en n avais jamais mis. 🙈 et le plus grand pas pour moi ... (attention suspense ) l'achat de ma première robe👗 depuis des années (Taille M 😜chez Pimkie ~ dire qu'avant je ne pouvais même pas mettre leur taille XL 😂) Le changement arrive doucement mais sûrement. J'ai fais une pause mais je reviens plus motivé que jamais 👊Retour a la salle cette après midi, c'est pas facile mais on reprend, et on ne lâche pas, les derniers kilos sont les plus dur 🤔 et alors ils partiront comme les autres 👊😎 fit fitness ladyfitness fitnessaddict fitgirl shopping run musculation hit weightloss healthyfood coiffeur spa jaccuzi nevergiveup nopainnogain justdoit instamoment instasport instashopping

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Comment from kerry:

workout is done ! I just strolled today on the treadmill .. I have had a bad hip pain issue for over a year. I should prob get it checked. Did 10 min fatburn on the elliptical then did legs ! weightloss weightlossjourneyfitness fitnessjourney cardio weights fitfam fitspo fitmom gettinghealthy formyson asthmatic hypothyroidism hypothyroidismweightloss

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Comment from Vaidas:

Refreshing and energising, awesome tasting cucumber, lemon, ginger, honeydew melon, spinach and hemp tea smoothie. . . . drink drinks slurp yum yummy thirst thirsty instagood drinkup glass healthy vegan organic health fitness eatclean cleaneating juicecleanse nutrition wellness weightloss smoothie healthyliving yoga hungryjuicer fruit fresh love fruits natural

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Comment from Muscle_babe:

Promoting. Health. And. Transformation 🌷 phatnutrition eatbiglovebigger bodypositive bodygoals bodydysmorphia curves curvyfit yeg yegfitness diet girlswholift girlswithmuscle gym weightloss fitfam fitchick fitgirls babe

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Ruth Webster 💖


Comment from Ruth Webster 💖:

Just had to put that out there 🍃🌻🍃 Blows my mind sometimes how deceitful people can be - Not to me thankfully but to deceive others at a time in their lives where they are looking up to someone for a bit of guidance and inspiration is sad to see 🍃🌻🍃 Whatever you do in this life guys be honest with yourself 🍃🌻🍃 Don't try and hide behind a fake persona and be who you think the world wants you to be 🍃🌻🍃 Life isn't a popularity contest 🍃🌻🍃 It's about getting through each day, with your head held high, knowing that life isn't all about you but about taking into account that people struggle every day with mindset, with body image, with eating disorders, mental health, money worries and a million other things that we can all blow way out of proportion by what we see and hear around us every day 🍃🌻🍃 Be kind, be respectful and most importantly be honest with each other 🍃🌻🍃90daysssgraduate 90daysssplan joewicks bodycoach lucybeecoconutoil eatingclean gettinglean leanin15 healthyeating fitspo fitfoodie slimmingworld weightwatchers bbg kaylaitsines weightloss fatlossjourney

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happily unhappy


Comment from happily unhappy:

Day 3, Try 1 - Yas, success! haha, wasn't difficult at all: I wast at home until 11am, then I slept until 2pm, was getting ready and went to a festival until 4pm. At festivals I don't want to waste my money on food anyways, but I like drinking energy drinks to stay energized... although they didn't have the sugar free version that day :(. fast weightloss anorexia fooddiary

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Becky 💫 Weight Watchers


Comment from Becky 💫 Weight Watchers:

Dessert last night made by yours truly and it really tasted yummy! All low fat too at only 6sp 😍 ● °○° ● weightwatchersuk weightwatcherssmartpoints wwsupport wwwomen wwdiary weightloss wwcommunity wwuk healthyeating slimmingworldfamily fitness fitbit weightwatchersgirl wwnocount wwjourney healthyrecipes swuk weightlossinspiration wwfood foodblogger instafood wwinstagram

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Katie Jane


Comment from Katie Jane:

New hair colour!! Love it :0) red redhair hair longhair healthy goals weightloss weightlossjourney fattofit fattofitjourney fitfam fitfamuk selfie happysunday sunday sundayfun nofilterneeded nomakeup

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Rachel Kelly


Comment from Rachel Kelly:

Random syn free lunch. Rice, chicken, sweetcorn, red onion & soy sauce. And as i was extra hungry i also had a mug shot 😂😂 slimmingworldfollowers slimmingworldfood slimmingworldinsta slimmingworld slimmingworlduk weightloss extraeasy slimforsummer

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Charlie Brennan


Comment from Charlie Brennan:

Soup making Sunday! 4 batches of different soup on the go! 10perfectdays slimmingworlduk weightloss sw swuk healthy slimmingworldfamily weightlossjourney swmafia slimmingworldjourney healthyeating swfamily diet fitness swinsta motivation slimmingworldsupport swfriends foodoptimising slimmingworldfriends extraeasy slimming cleaneating slimmingworldmafia food synfree onplan breakfast healthyliving weightwatchers

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Comment from Spanjee®:

💁🏼S Y N F R E E Dinner.... Slimming World Quiche, Skinny Patatâs Bravâs (recipe on last nights post) with Spinach.... show me those bikinis boi👙🌴Weightloss Healthy Lifestyle slimmingworldfriends blogger weightlossblogger foodblogger lifestyleblogger slimmingblog healthblog slimmingworld swblogger healthyeating slimmingworldfood fitfam fitnessmotivation swcleaneating

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Comment from bridesmaiddieter:

Finally found the @propercorn mini bags 👌 2pp for this afternoon snack! I just had toast for brekkie as I went to the park with my friends and her kids, So it might be an early dinner for me. weightwatchers weightwatchersuk ww wwuk fitfam weightloss weightlossjourney becauseitworks dietwhatdiet onedayatatime iwillbeskinny

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Jenny Jen


Comment from Jenny Jen:

Bon appétit plancha mangerbouger perdredeskilos perdredupoids maigrir diet nutrition instaregime instaregimeuse regimeusemotivee transformation journalalimentaire weightloss losingweight instaweightloss fitfam healtyfood mangersainement onlacherien mangerequilibre instadiet fruits légumes

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Marlena Kur


Comment from Marlena Kur:

Good morning. Sunday breakfast with a pasture raised egg, zucchini noodles, seared tomato, roasted spicy chickpeas and avocado before heading out to the farms today. Can't wait to go berry picking and to pick up some fresh local produce from the farm stands with the family on this gorgeous day. Hope you enjoy yours!

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