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Comment from Abu Ishaq:

Oh come on now christians the silence is deafening?! When Islamic State enslaved the yazidi women you the christians created a big ruckus about it. NOW where are you? When your fellow christian gets killed by your OWN country. Where are you? Come on, where are you?! Yeah... thought so. So stop prentending you care about the yazidi women or the filthy shias, you unjust liars. #savingchristmas #blacklivesmatter #whiteprivelege #whitechick #batman #monk #buddhism #sikhism #hinduism #christ #jesuschrist #holy

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Comment from Abu Ishaq:

See the problem with white reverts especially white girls, they come into the religion and go on as if they're the Mujaddids of the Ummah. As if everyone else has been practicing Islam wrong and they like "have no fear the whites are here" to show you "true" Islam. I urge everyone to read this article, brilliant article. On the history of whites converting to religions. #whiteprivelege #whitechick #convert #revert

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