Falling in love with Whistler one snowy sunset at a time ❤

12 Hours ago

In case you missed it, I've got a new video up on my Facebook, blog and YouTube about my time in Dunedin ✌🏻️ be sure to check it out! @dunedinnz 📷 @chaplinfocus

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Nothing like soaking your bones in a spa like this after a long day riding powder at @whistlerblackcomb ❄️️ sometimes you got to just treat yourself!

1 Days ago

Back home in New Zealand this week and catching up with work and seeing friends, have anything fun planned?

1 Days ago

After spending the holidays in the States with my family, I couldn't resist sneaking in a snowboarding trip on my way back to New Zealand. And there was nowhere I was more keen to finally see than @whistlerblackcomb in BC 🏂 what an epic week in Canada! @gowhistler #protectourwinters

2 Days ago

The majestic kea, the world's only alpine parrot and only found in New Zealand. Very naughty, you can tell this guy is up to no good and is plotting destruction. No car or hiking boot is safe 🙈 @docgovtnz

4 Days ago

"Listen--are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" Mary Oliver

6 Days ago

One of the most remarkable mornings of my life 😍 watching the fog roll in above Dubai's highest skyscrapers - for the past few years I've been using the travel app @trover to help plan my trips and to keep track of my favorite discoveries when I'm home again - check out my latest list for some of Dubai's best kept secrets 🙌🏻

6 Days ago

Just me and my favorite little blue house by the sea 🌊

9 Days ago

Just around the riverbend ☺️

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So excited to head back to Canada tomorrow for a week in Whistler to go snowboarding 🏂 I've not been to BC before and I can't wait - have any tips for me? Please share! #poutineparty #powpow

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13 Days ago

I've got a new list up in @trover - my go-to travel app - with my favorite spots on the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand - this area outside Christchurch is one of my happy places where I go to relax and be by the sea in a peaceful spot 🙌🏻 #troveon

14 Days ago

Here's to hoping we all make it somewhere just as tropical as the Maldives in 2017 🌴

14 Days ago

Moody Milford by kayak, is there any other way? One of the only places I've ever visited that's more beautiful in the rain ☔️ @roscosmilford 💦

15 Days ago

My favorite moment from 2016 was definitely finally getting to see polar bears on the pack ice in Svalbard in the Arctic @eclipsetravel I've got a new blog up about my 20 best travel experiences from this past year that made me go "is this real life?"

17 Days ago

One of my other favorite moments from 2016 was celebrating 3 years of living in New Zealand 🎉🍾🙌🏻😆

18 Days ago