Dudes! I'm excited to say I'll be at @farehealthy on a panel on Feb 3rd with some top ladies, @naturally.sassy and @niomismart (hosted by @hipandhealthy). You can book tickets at farehealthy.com 👌🏽🎉 (I'll also be signing copies of my first cookbook there 👯📚)

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Fancy brunch is what keeps me motivated during this revision time 🙏🏽 only 2 more weeks and my January exams will be doooone 💆🏽 got these rye crepes with banana, yogurt, pecans & maple syrup for brain fuel 🥞👩🏽‍🎓

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Get some delicious carbs in ur body in the form of these Sourdough Wholemeal Bagels - recipe link in my profile 🍞🥖🍽💆🏽 #izyhossack #f52grams #feedfeed

13 Days ago

The last day of a v long & eventful year so a pancake breakfast seemed apt (also because I will probably be too hungover tomorrow morning to have breakfast 🥂😅). Here's to 2017 which will hopefully be better than 2016 was 👌🏽 and while we're at it, let's not get caught up in diet culture masquerading as 'New Years resolutions' - eat whatever the fuck you want, peeps cos as my mate @laurathomasphd points out: you're already AWESOME AND PERFECT as you are 💪🏽💅🏽🍰🍝🌯

18 Days ago

Our funky Christmas cake, crafted by @kchossack_pottery and me last night (inspired by @the_bakemonger's creations!). This is the best way to decorate a layer cake if, like me, you HATE trying to make cakes look neat (I swear I'm cursed when it comes to buttercream). Merry Christmas, guys!! 🐸🌞🤖🎂🎅🏽🎄🎄🎄

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25 Days ago

Highlight of the day: revision ‘hangriness’ was hitting, then I realised my ultimate pizza place, @santamariapizza is available on @deliveroo, thank god 🙏🏽😭🙌🏽! I went from zero to pizza in like 20 minutes 🍕🍕🆒 (and guys, if you're a new user, you can use the code IZYHOSSACK to get £2.50 off your first order from @deliveroo) #ad

33 Days ago

Treated myself to some fancy hazelnut butter 😎 proceeded to make porridge (British quinoa & pinhead oats) w/ apple, orange juice & a big ass spoonful of the hazelnut butter. Thanks, me 🙌🏽🌝

34 Days ago

Let your cookie dough take a 3-day nap in the fridge before you bake it. OH and always sprinkle on some Maldon salt. Trust me. 🍪🌝🍪

42 Days ago

Getting back into the porridge life with pears, blackberries, honey & hemp seeds 🍯🍐. I find that using pinhead oats is way better than rolled oats because a) the texture isn't just mush and b) I'm fuller for longer👌🏽. I've also discovered that I LOVE adding a spoonful of yogurt, like @liberteuk plain #Greekyogurt, as the creaminess and tangy flavour go so well with fresh fruit. I think it could even go well in a savoury porridge (yogurt, roasted sweet potato and thyme??)🍠🍠 #NaturallyThick #SimplyIrresistable #spon

47 Days ago

In desperate need of some cake to get me through these end of semester deadlines 😅 This salted caramel + pumpkin spice cake is coming soon to the blog so u can get ur cake-fix too 🙌🏽🍰🍰🍰😱👻👻

48 Days ago

Walked around the foggy Kirkstall Abbey on the weekend saying 'ooh so spooooooky' about everything I saw because, as you can see, it was SO SPOOKY (and very cool) ❄️🌫👻

49 Days ago

A winter warmer for this super dreary day! It's a creamy cauliflower, mushroom & kale pasta bake, perfect for a comforting dinner (there's a vegan option, too!) link in profile. 🍝🍝 And whilst you're at it, if you snap a picture of your fave pasta dish and post it to Instagram with the hashtags #OutsideTheBox and #BarillaUK you can enter a competition to win a trip to Italy! 🙌🏽😱🇮🇹 #sponsored #f52grams #topwithcinnamon #izyhossack

57 Days ago

Fluffy, sweet and studded with chocolate chips! It's wholewheat vegan chocolate chip challah bread 🍞🍫 link to the recipe in my profile 👌🏽🌛

67 Days ago

Woke my sourdough starter up to make sourdough wholemeal bagels 😍👌🏽

73 Days ago

iiiiit's time for bowl food!! We're celebrating the birth of @tworedbowls baby boy with an Internet bowl food celebration 🍵🍜🍚 so I've got this roasted squash, crispy kale & pomegranate bowl with a zingy miso-ginger dressing on the blog (link in my profile). Congrats, Cynthia!! 💜💜🎉🎉 #threeredbowls

75 Days ago

Smoky, burnt eggplant on a bed of garlic-tahini yogurt drizzled with pomegranate molasses and coriander oil. 🔥 #🍆🌱 Oh and don't forget the sprinkling of pistachios and pomegranate seeds!! This is perfect when scooped up with a warm flatbread 😍 The recipe is inspired by @kimpton's culinary & cocktails trend forecast for 2017 . Find the recipe via link in profile or on my blog (topwithcinnamon.com)👌🏽 #ad #CCTrend

76 Days ago

An even more decadent version of cheese on toast - Welsh rarebit. Haven't had one of these in YEARS but suddenly got a craving 🙌🏽. The main feature is a super cheesy béchamel made with ale in place of some of the milk. I put leeks, Dijon & thyme in the sauce too for extra flavour and poured it over a few slices of @sainsburys handcrafted bread. The best part comes last - you place the cheese-covered bread under the grill until it gets caramelised & bubbly 😍. DELISH! 👌🏽👌🏽🍞🍞🧀🧀. #sponsored

80 Days ago

Fluffy, toasty clouds ☁️ (a.k.a. Vegan choc chip challah bread)! Coming soooon 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞

85 Days ago

Currently in bed with fluffy socks and 2 jumpers on cos DAMN it's coooold ❄️. Wishing I could cozy up with some of this watercress, leek, cheddar & sourdough gratin right now. It's a super quick, brunch-friendly dish with a peppery kick from the watercress. (P.S. it's even better the next day when you reheat some in a waffle iron - crispy, cheesy goodness 😅🙌🏽) recipe is up on my blog - link in profile! 🌱🌱🧀🧀🍞🍞 and check out www.facebook.com/WildForWatercress for more recipe ideas! #sponsored

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