Favourite Tropical Escapes #4: The last light of the day in Santorini, Greece. ------- Santorini is a dream destination. Everywhere you look there is another beautiful scene. the white building contrasted with that famous Santorini blue is something you will never forget.  This shot was taken from a pretty famous location in Oia. What you don't see is the hoards of people behind me. If you do want to shoot this scene then I recommend getting there early. It can get pretty crazy. ------ Camera: Canon 5D MKII Lens: 16-35 2.8 30 seconds at F/11 ISO: 50 ------ #santorini #greece

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Favourite Tropical Escapes #3: Swimming with Stingrays in the Cayman Islands ------ It was our first visit to the Cayman Islands and it lived up to the hype. Gorgeous turquoise waters and magnificent wildlife experiences. Pair that with great beaches and awesome food and you know we will be back. When we left we said this is an island I could see myself living on so you never know what the future holds. Shot on my #GoPro Hero 4 And Dome ------- #visitcaymanislands #caymanislands

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Favourite Tropical Escapes #2: The Exuma Cays in the Bahamas ------- Another of our favourite tropical escapes is the Exuma's. It is located off the main island in the Bahamas and is a stunning group of Cays of which some are owned by movie stars like Johny Depp and Oprah Winfrey. Not only are they beautiful but you will also fall in love with the Bahamian culture and food. This is still one of my favourite destinations. ------- Camera: Canon 5DMKII Lens: Canon 16-35mm .8 F/8 at 1/50 ISO: 50 -------- #visitbahamas #bahamas

2 Days ago

Favourite Tropical Escapes #1: Following the path to paradise in The Maldives. ------- As winter sets in here in North America I though it would be fun to countdown our favourite tropical destinations we have loved visiting. So over the next week we will be highlighting our favourites. We start off with The Maldives. We had always wanted to visit this island paradise and when we were in Sri Lanka in 206 we took advantage of how close it was and spent a week on 2 different resorts. The Maldives lived up to all of my expectations especially the @cinnamonhotels Hakuraa Huraa. This shot was what the sunsets were like every night! -------- Camera: Sony A7RII Lens: 6-35mm F4 F/ 25 seconds -------- #maldives #sonyalpha --------- If you love our travel photography make sure to check out our friends at @beautifuldestinations for more stunning photos.

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Reflections of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park in California. -------- Yosemite is a photographers dream. There are just so many different landscapes that you can enjoy. There is nothing quite like camping in the park and getting up to enjoy early mornings where it feels like you have mother nature all to yourself. The United States really does have some of the most amazing National Parks in the world. ------ #yosemite #Unitedstates

4 Days ago

Mount McKinley floats on the horizon in Denali National Park in Alaska. ------- Alaska has to be one of my favourite destinations. Beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and friendly people. A perfect combination. If you are a climber McKinley is definitely on your list as it is the highest peak in North America. Truly something that should be seen in your lifetime. Another one to add to the bucket list :) -------- #alaska #mountains

7 Days ago

Enjoying the view over Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada ------- Hiking the Cup and Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Ends at this magnificent lookout. It seems like you can see forever. Ontario is full of amazing views like this. ................ #discoveron #explorecanada #canada150

8 Days ago

Morning rays over Mount Rundle at Vermilion Lakes in Banff, Alberta. ------ Morning at Vermilion Lakes is something that everyone should witness. When the sun rises and lights the mountains you jaw just drops. We spent a couple of mornings here and each day offered a different scene. Banff National Park is definitely one the most beautiful parks in the world and a must visit for anyone that loves nature and the outdoors. ------ #mybanff #explorecanada #explorealberta

9 Days ago

Getting close to the Crazy Horse Memorial in @southdakota ------- We were fortunate enough to be able to get up to the face of the Crazy Horse Memorial while we were in South Dakota. This memorial is insanely huge. The head alone is 87ft high and when it is completed it will become the worlds largest sculpture. The carving was commissioned by Henry Standing Bear, a Lakota leader and depicts Crazy Horse riding his horse and pointing in the distance. It is being carved on Thunderhead mountain which is land that is considered sacred by the Lakota. Quite a sight to see. -------- #thegreat8

10 Days ago

Snow dapples the landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey at sunrise. -------- The landscape in Cappadocia is just simply stunning and seeing from above gives you a true appreciation for it. Ballooning here had always been on our bucket list and I would do it again in a heartbeat. -------- What is on your bucket list this year? Let us know in the comments. ------- #cappadocia #turkey #lovefromturkey

12 Days ago

A sunset view of Sigiriya from Pidurangala, Sri Lanka. .......... After a sweaty climb up and scrambling over the last few meters we were greeted by this fantastic view over the landscape below. We have climbed Sigiriya before but I really feel this is the best view. Plus we had the whole rock to ourselves. Awesome! ............. #srilanka

13 Days ago

The Three Sisters rise out of the Bay of Fundy at high tide. ------------- One of the most impressive sights we saw during our 2 day kayaking trip on the Bay of Fundy was theses monoliths rising out of the sea. As we paddled in and around these giants you can't help but be impressed by the power and beauty of Mother Nature. Truly an experience you cannot miss when you visit Nova Scotia. --------------- #visitnovascotia #explorecanada

14 Days ago

Sunset in Algonquin Park, Canada. ------- As a new year starts and the cold sets in I can't help but reminisce about warm, calming days like this in the backcountry of Ontario. Looking forward to more beautiful moments like this in 2017! --------- #explorecanada #discoveron

15 Days ago

Top Images of 2016 #1: The sun sets behind the Sphynx in Egypt. -------- Happy New Year Everyone!! 🍾🍾 -------- This is our top image of 206. It was share more than any photo of the year. It was such a great moment in time. As if everything just lined up perfectly. So much has happened in Egypt over the years but it is still one of my favourite places in the world. -------- The slate is clean on another new year and we want to thank everyone for their support this year. Here is to a prosperous 207 for everyone! ---------- #egypt #pyramids

16 Days ago

Top Photos of 2016 Runner Up: Sunset at the Rock of Cashel in Ireland. ------- This was probably the most amazing sunset of the year. We were exploring the Ancient East in Ireland and were tested to an amazing sky over this stunning castle. This, for me, was the image that tied for #1. -------- Happy New Year everyone and stay tuned for my favourite image of the year tomorrow. -------- #ireland #visitireland

17 Days ago

Top Images of 2016 #2: The sky is filled with balloons at our morning launch in Cappadocia, Turkey. ------- This was one of those places I always wanted to visit and let me tell you it did. It disappoint. There is nothing quite like watching the sky full with balloons over this stunning landscape. What made it even more special was sharing it with our friends @cbezerraphotos @lozula @felecool @independent_travel_cats @byrnephotography @mrs.thebest @saaggo What a morning -------- #lovefromturkey #tkmoments #turkey #bbctravel

18 Days ago

Top Images of 2016 #3: Feeling small under the stars on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada. --------- One of our favourite experiences of the year was kayaking and camping on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Paddling the world's highest tides and enjoying the beautiful night skies were two things I will never forget. ----------- #visitnovascotia #explorecanada

19 Days ago

Top Images of 2016 #4: Reflections of the Taj Mahal in India. ------- We were first I line at 6am. Avoiding the crowds was a priority. Sometimes the Taj can get so crowded that takes away from its beauty. But we got the opportunity to enjoy this marvel of love almost unto ourselves. The detail in the architecture coupled with the story of love make it one of those places you just have to visit. --------- #india #tajmahal --------- If you love our photography make sure to check out our friends at @beautifuldestinations for more awesome shots!

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Top Images of 2016 #5: Sunset at Rum Point in the Cayman Islands. ------- I had been wanting to shoot this pier at Rum Point since I arrived. Let me tell you it was worth the wait. The sunset was amazing. One thing you can guarantee here in the Cayman Islands is epic sunsets. ------------- #camanabay #caymanislands

21 Days ago

Top Images of 2016 #6: Taking in the perfect view over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. .................. We loved Rio. So many amazing beaches, great food and friendly people. But one of the highlights was definitely taking a helicopter flight over the city. It really have you a sense of its beauty and just how massive this city really is. Christ the Redeemer is really the center piece of the city and from this angle definitely the most impressive. .............. #rio #brazil #brasil #wonderful_places

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