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Comment from Sony:

Nacarada / Argentada comuna / Silver-washed fritillary (ARGYNNIS PAPHIA) . . . . . butterfly argynnispaphia papallonescatalunya butterfly_ir igclub_butterfly great_captures_butterflies 9vaga_butterfly9 total_butterflies 9vaga_macro9 ip_insects fav_flowers_insects flowersandmacro pocket_insects bns_buginsects macro_friends igglobalclubmacro macro_merahputih macroclique electric_macro naturagranollers insects_of_our_world arthropod_perfection idmacro_member arthropod_perfection fotofanatics_macro_ cat_bokeh _macroverse_ found_on_flowers

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Adel Judith Horvath


Comment from Adel Judith Horvath:

... dried,whitening flower... . . bns_flowers florafauna_in flaming_flora flowerzdelight flower_special_ faded_world soulful_moments focus_on_details_ fotofanatics_macro_ macro_drama macro_kings macro_highlight macro_mood macro_perfection macro_brilliance prettynature ptk_flowers pretty_shotz global_shotz 9vaga_macro9 fa_fadeaway tv_allnature mood_emotive marvelshots moodynature

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Comment from fragrant7olive:


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Lisa Hoare


Comment from Lisa Hoare:

Lots of windows to look through! windows waterdrops refraction upsidedown 9vaga_macro9 macro_brilliance macrophotography drops_love drops_perfection drops_creative waterdrop rain dew

10 Minutes ago



Comment from RTW2211:

Russia, Volgograd region. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ naturehippys_ nature_sultans ic_nature nature_wizards beauty_of__nature_ ig_week_nature pocket_allnature bpa_nature great_captures_nature igbest_shotz russia_ww loves_russia loves_united_russia rosphoto ww_nature_knowledge loves_shotz picture_to_keep nature_brilliance ir_ig_nature fotofanatics_nature_ show_us_nature estaes_russia na_natures_art total_naturepics focusing_on_nature explore_wildlife world_bestnature numberof1

14 Minutes ago

Janita Arkema


Comment from Janita Arkema:

Toch best snoezige beestjes🤗 . . . catch_holland 9vaga_macro9 fiftyshades_of_macro macro_freaks macro_creature_feature macro_x jj_macro ig_discover_holland macro_dutchies igersdrenthe wms_macro kings_insects insectguru insectagram insect_perfection insectphotography macro_mood macro_captures naturelover naturewalk insecto insects_macro insectagram

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Comment from P E D D E R:

¡Pero no s' enoje por favor! // Un grillo malencarado. . . camilainstagramer naturelovers naturephotography insectsofinstagram grillo flower strelitziareginae beautiful closeup olloclip macro_perfection kings_insects kings_macro macroworld_ macromood igbest_macros asi_es_macro show_us_macro macrooftheday macro_brilliance 9vaga_macro9 ig_closeups ip_insects

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Comment from Mark:

Swallowtail Working . . . . . pocket_family_member pocket_insects pocket_dof pocket_colors _macroverse_ rebel_macro zonephotographer photo_forest_gold picturetokeep_macro picturetokeep_nature fotofanatics_nature_ inspring_shot gardenexplorers pocket_allnature usa_naturehippys bd_macro bd_pro bokeh_addicts bokeh_kings 9vaga_butterfly igclub_butterflybutterflylovepocket_flowersfound_on_flowers

20 Minutes ago

Ivca Capova


Comment from Ivca Capova:

Respekt k ženě je jedním z největších darů,který může otec předat svému synovi...Petr Casanova..Hezký a pohodový večer😉🌸🌞🌸 citaty_ivca your_world_live czech_world czech_insta loves_czech nas_svet ig_pepous igraczech macro_brilliance phx_flowers loves_bestpic loryandalpha total_macro 9vaga_macro9 fotofanatics_flowers_ fotofanatics_macro photo_smiles_world fotocatchers ig_macro_shots macro_perfection 9vaga_flowersart9 nature_wizards myheartinshots exclusive_flower nassvet_podlupou symply_flowers lori_macromini macroCliguepocketmacrojj_florals

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Comment from Diana:

bokeh_kings bokehmasters fiftyshades_of_macro bokeh macro macro_brilliance macro_freaks flowersandmacro i_macro_i macroandflora drop drops_creative 9vaga_drops9 drops_perfection reflection macroandflora macrongawi macro_perfection majestic_macros cool_macro macro_world 9vaga_macro9 great_captures_macro igbest_macros top_macro loves_macro total_macro macro_highligh asi_es_macro_ macrophotoawards nikond3300

24 Minutes ago

Wolfgang Hermann Mayer


Comment from Wolfgang Hermann Mayer:

macro_love macro_top macro_highlight fiftyshades_of_macro hot_macros macroclique igbest_macros excellent_macros macro_mood macro_kings explore_macro 9vaga_macro9 macrodetails_shots_vivomacro igw_macro best_expression_macro macro_drama macro_perfection top_macro bns_macro macro_vision macro_delight persian_macro macro_brilliance pocket_macro 9vaga_naturemiracles9 vzcomacro thebestmacro turklikeben_macro macro_freaks

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Comment from MCPhoto:

What a beauty 😍🦋 this is exactly why I love summer ! flowers flowerstagram pretty_shotz excellent_macros butterfly nature naturegram macro_drama macro_highlight macro_brilliance macro_perfection macroclique macro insects_perfection moodygrams instamoment 9vaga_macro9 9vaga_butterfly animallovers nikon startingtoclick stcaug fiftyshades_of_macro top_macro masters_in_macro fiftyshades_of_nature pocket_macro bestnatureshot_macro flowersandmacro macro_holic

29 Minutes ago



Comment from Joan:

Pretty little hoverfly on a marigold! 💛☀️🌼🐝spreadnaturelove eye_spy_flora petal_perfection hoverfly nature_yellow nature_perfection natureoninstagram natureisbeautiful naturephotography naturelover pocket_allnature bestnatureshot nature_brilliance natureshots love_natura 9vaga_macro9 9vaga9 9vaga_3flowers9 9vaga_nature9 9vaga_naturemiracles9 9vaga_fl_yellow9 marigold

29 Minutes ago

⚜Nature Miracles


Comment from ⚜Nature Miracles:

🌟 . 🔱 @9Vaga_NatureMiracles9🔱 .9Vaga_NatureMiracles9 . . . . .>Congratulations . . . @lumberjack78 . . . .> Feature Chosen by @tinathorildsson . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . . .Follow 9V9 Group . . . . .> Go to @9Vaga9_Vision the Magazine of Group to have a look of all 9Vaga9 Pages . . .If you want to become Member of Group contact by private message @Vaga999 . . . 9Vaga9 9Flower9 9Vaga_FlowersArt9 9Vaga_Macro9 9V9 9Vaga9_Vision 9vaga_butterfly9 9vaga_skyandviews9 9vaga_drops9 . .

34 Minutes ago

Martine de Klerck


Comment from Martine de Klerck:

flowerphotography flowersandmacro macroandflora bloemen bptalsmember topfleur na_natures_art 7flowers_1day captures_flowers venezuelagarden quintaflower 9vaga_macro9 fotocatchers 9vaga9 myheartinshots macrophotography loves_flowers fotofanatics_macro

36 Minutes ago



Comment from sarisalyadi:

Assalamualaykum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh . . thehub_flowers 9Vaga_Macro9 9vaga_flowersart9 mta_flowers mta_macro flowerandmacro pocket_flower macro_drama 9vaga_fl_pink9 ponyfony_flowers lovesgarden loves_nature bns_lite bns_flowers macro_spotlight flowerstalking ig_monumentalworld_macro ig_ard_flowers flowerphotography mat_macro mat_flowers

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Comment from _CalebPhotography:

Mood pocket_macro backyard_dreams na_natures_art wms_macro macroworld explore_macro explore_macro_ macro_perfection macro macro_shots macro_captures macro_holic macro_highlight macro_freaks great_captures_macro macromood mood 9vaga_macro9 fabulous_shots flower plant majestic_macros flowermacro majestic canon theme feels naturephotography natureshot nature_perfection

46 Minutes ago

Mental Illness Awareness


Comment from Mental Illness Awareness:

(Continued from last post) Reality never gave me a “break.” It never gave me time to actually take a breath and look around me and think clearly about what was happening… it never gave me the chance to strategize a solution because each time I came up with a solution, the thing I was solving was changed and I had to figure out what the next thing would be… but it was a pointless game — I could never disprove a reason if every reason was changed. I could never understand what was happening if they refused to actually explain to me why it was happening… because I would never really “understand” according to them. So that meant that I didn’t deserve reasons, I was just expected to go with what was happening… to trust… to accept it… to trust in them knowing me better than I knew me. And if it never became more than subtle insinuations, I think that would have been the case — I would have just trusted that I didn’t know myself… that I couldn’t know what was best for me… that I was being beaten by the beast I was always so tired from fighting against… that it was okay to not be able to fight the illnesses anymore… that I was becoming less and less “me,” and more and more the product of a wrongly wired brain. (Continued in next post) • • • • mentalhealthawareness majordepressivedisorder borderlinepersonalitydisorder mentalhealthwarrior mentalillness alwayskeepfighting gaslighting pocket_VIP pocket_dof pocket_flowers fotofanatics_macro_ fiftyshades_of_macro fotocatchers 9vaga_macro9 9vaga_naturemiracles9 macro_perfection macro_brilliance petal_perfection inspiring_shot pretty_shotz magic_marvels moody_nature nature_fantastically ig_namaste splendid_flowers ww_nature_miracles fingerprintofgod landscapephotography macro_drama • Member of: Pocket_VIP Ig_Addicts TV_Colorsplash Hey_ihadtosnapthat Signatureshots WSC Sky Marvels Star Darkroom Daydream

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Comment from Axel:

macro_drama macro_perfection ffmacro_members macro_freaks 9vaga_macro9 macro_vision igglobalclubmacro macro_secrets macroclique exclusive_macro macro_mood hot_macros rebelmacro macro_holic macro_kings macro_freaks_closeup macroworld_tr top_macro macro_in_bl macro_celebes flowersandmacro excellent_macros fiftyshades_of_macro pict_lovers macroandflora ponyfony_flowers colors_of_day insta_pick_blossom macro_brilliance kings_insects

57 Minutes ago

Wolfgang ☺️


Comment from Wolfgang ☺️:

"....... Arthropoda Odonata ......." dragonfly (Lost Lagoon - Stanley Park B.C.)

1 Hours ago