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Rob Hickman


Comment from Rob Hickman:

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Arturo P. Jaras Watts


Comment from Arturo P. Jaras Watts:

Uh-oh. Don't tell mom. . . . One of the foundational beliefs of my life is that complacency is complicity. If there is preventable suffering--anywhere--that you could do something about and you don't, you're complicit in the injustice. Comfortable distance from the pain and agony of others, whether they be dead Syrians washing up on shores or pigs confined in crates the size of their bodies makes no morally relevant difference--you are called to responsibility and sacrifice just as you would be in the depths of your humanity if those suffering were at your feet. The tattoo is formatted roughly as an equals sign and written with a typewriter type font because I am a writer. To see the beginnings of my work go to link in bio. . . tattooinkveganveganmenvegansofigbodybuildingplantbasedstrengthlovekindnesscompassionhumanityclimatechangefollowbloggernaturalbodybuildingnattybeautifulbelievebeefribsbbqshreddedmusclechinatravelhappinessauthenticitymotivationfitfam

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t@!al ●


Comment from t@!al ●:

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CrossFit Llantrisant


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Another great FLOW session last night focus was on shoulders and back mobility and stretching. Then finish off with some headstands and handstands!!! Flow yoga and mobility class 8-9pm every Tuesday evening at CFL. 🤸🏿‍♀️💥💪🏽🤸🏼‍♂️🙏🏽 crossfit weightlifting bodybuilding eatclean fit fitness fitfam oly instafit gymlife health strong lift workout body muscle instagood inspiration squat weightloss fitnessmotivation getfit summer olylifts training insta inspire heavyrep nutrition

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Mondays Aren't Magic


Comment from Mondays Aren't Magic:

That face when your headphones die within the first half of your workout. Help. mondaysarentmagic fitfam transformation weightloss fattofit gymmotivation teambeast_underneath motivation obesetobeast weightlossmotivation gymlife gains and losses gym bodybuilding training fitness beastmode fitness fitstagram health motivate healthandwellness fitlife fitnessgoals workout healthymeals gymrat weightlossjourney weightlossstory

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Morgan Ceja


Comment from Morgan Ceja:

Don't focus on what they say now...... Focus on what they will say 10 years from now - @andyfrisella . One thing I try to work really hard on is not caring what people say. I mean I care what people say but one day I would like for it to not hinder what I do. I'll be honest with you guys there are things that make me uncomfortable and if I don't push through, it will keep me back. . Everytime I do something that makes me uncomfortable I Mark it down as a win! Each day were faced with multiple things that you can either push through for that win or you can lose. . Each one of those small wins you get will add up into making a difference! Building that confidence that you are able to win Everytime. . This picture right here almost didn't happen..... I was standing among a group of people some being good friends and some not. . Standing there debating in my head if I should have my photographer buddy @desgower snap a couple pics of me. . I ended up making myself push through those nerves and had a small photoshoot in front of everyone and I'm glad I did because this pic is bad ass . I'm honestly not sure what it is that makes me so nervous or uncomfortable before doing things but I do know that I try to push through as many of those situations as I can in a day! Trying to get more wins than losses in a day is a goal! . Thanks for the shot buddy! . . Go out there and get some W's 💪 If you need help I'm here for you! Message me about deals on personal training and workout plans! . . . . . morgains gettindeep jkwhatareemotions humpday photography model personaltrainer flexin nopump small bodybuilding livefit inspire abs beard dgp aesthetic pumpday humpday bigthings natty

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Lucrezia Fiengo


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Motivation | Fitness | Blog


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Original source: @robjamesevans Follow us @gymfitnessheroes Fitness FitBlog FitnessBlog Motivation BodyBuilding - - - ripped fitnessaddict healthy fitnmodel

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Juan Galvez🌞


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Vince Vega


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Old Glory Gym


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We're more American than jet skis and beer.... • Mechanics - Consistency - Intensity • • fitness fit fitfam lift gym health healthy workout gymlife instagood motivation loudoncounty athlete vastrong lifestyle bodybuilding dedication determination aesthetic physique gymapparel wod oldglorygym veteranownedbusiness crossfit oneupcity weightlifting crossfitogsc foundrybarbell

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Michael ODea


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Starting the day off right! america bodybuilding combatvet crossfit delts liftheavy fitfam fitspo fitlife gainzzz igfit igdaily igmuscle instaFIT instamuscle instadaily killit livefit military militarymuscle npc Savage supportmilitarymuscle shoulders tattedfit tattedmuscle zfg 5percenters legs

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Yücel Yılmaz


Comment from Yücel Yılmaz:

İlk özür dileyen en cesurdur,ilk affeden en güçlü,ilk unutan en mutlu.fitnessbodyfitnessmodelpersonltrainerfollowbodybuildingbeasmodelfitnesslifemotivasyonsportimesquatsixpackgymcrossmuscleproteinfitnesstürkiyeinstafittvucutgeliştirmecrosfittbulking deadlift

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Z Personification


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The Brothers of Aesthetics zyzz aesthetics shavershianfitness motivation bodybuilding

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Ahmed Yasir Phenix


Comment from Ahmed Yasir Phenix:

3 months difference, off season vs on season. men's physique competition prep done by flexible dieting & tracking calories! bodybuilding mensphysique arnoldclassic ukbff ifbb

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Henry Nwoko 🇳🇬


Comment from Henry Nwoko 🇳🇬:

Hey guys, I'm back @24hr fitness again! Fun fact, you may or may not know this but when I moved to LA last August this was the very first gym I started at. I knew less than a handful of people in all of California but ended up making cool friends & networked quite a bit at this particular location in NoHo before deciding to venture out and try other unaffiliated gyms. The homie @stefanantonioifbbpro also recently signed up with 24 but hadn't tried out this location yet so we decided to go fu** shit up! Do you have a gym membership at LA fit or 24? Looking for good personal trainers who know their stuff?? DM/email me for packages or contact my boy, can't go wrong with either. Serious inquires only!.. If you want to make positive improvements take that first step. Your health is a gift far more valuable than gold!💪🏾💦🏃🏾💨🏃🏾‍♀️💨🏋🏽 fitness nutrition health strength bodybuilding shredded physique ifbb npc volume mass la osu buckeyes lafitness 24hrfitness exercise sweat levelup repeat 60daysoffitness calabasas woodlandhills hiddenhills hollywood tarzana personaltrainer

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Nikki | Twee Potten Drie Poten


Comment from Nikki | Twee Potten Drie Poten:

▪B i r t h d a y ▪Lieve mooi knappe vrouw van me. Vanmorgen op je 31ste verjaardag hebben we even stilgestaan bij wat er afgelopen jaar allemaal gebeurd is. Voor het eerst een verjaardag vieren met ergens in je achterhoofd die ontiegelijke angst dat je niet weet hoeveel er nog bij mogen komen, terwijl niemand dat eigenlijk zeker weet natuurlijk. Vanmorgen hebben we een ministukje van onze bruidstaart gegeten en @daisyzegers zei dat ik hele kleine stukjes moet snijden omdat er nog minimaal 30 verjaardagen van haar gevierd moeten worden met taart daartekenikvoor. Daarom hou ik van je lief, hoe jij het leven met beide handen vastgrijpt en elke dag de keuze maakt niet verbitterd te zijn maar te genieten van het leven is een voorbeeld voor iedereen. luvyoutothetaartandback enwatbenjegodverdommeknap

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I always be your superman💪🏼💪🏼


Comment from I always be your superman💪🏼💪🏼:

I do like my pink flamingo😍👍🏼いいんじゃ ピンクフラミンゴ

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Comment from Anna-Lena:

Übung macht den Meister 💪 danke @paaauul97😊 Leider gibt es im Urlaub keine Gewichte nur Cardiogeräte 😑 trainingtrainhardklimmzügegymsportfitnessaddictfitnesslifestylefitnessmotivationnevergiveupgermangirlblondhairholidaysunhotsummereatcleancheatcleanbalancecardiomuscleasssquatsbootybuildinghealthyfoodhealthylifestylebodybuildingfocusstronggirl

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Comment from A M Y:

Yesterday I randomly signed up for the 5k Color Run this Saturday in Manchester ❤️💛💚💙💜 ….........................………………….............................................. I can't run, I'm not a lover of running but I ran 5k yesterday at the gym, I'm aching so much right now ............................................................................................. colourrun running gym gymtime gymlife gymmotivation gymgirl fitnessgirl fitnessblogger fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation girlswholift bodybuilding girlswithabs fitfamuk girlswhotrain girlswithmuscle manchester runnergirl fitfam strongwoman strongnotskinny toned squat bodyconfidence transformation gymlove gymbooty gymwear fitnessfun

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