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Heidi Mary


Comment from Heidi Mary:

someropepractise cordelisse köysileikkejä 😄circus circusinspiration cirque circuslife somethingelse myfavorittrickonarope littlebylittle circusartist pole4fit 🙏🏻❤️varvaskiipeys!😝

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Rafael Bandeira


Comment from Rafael Bandeira:

Uma pintura de pose acrobática. acrobatics circus lifecirco lifecircosalvador atividadefísicaalternativaatividadefísica colors prisma body circuslife

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Dr. Jen Crane PT, DPT, OCS,ATC


Comment from Dr. Jen Crane PT, DPT, OCS,ATC:

Shoulders 💪 or hips 🍑 ?? Hamstring week is over, and I'm being indecisive- What do you want to learn about next? Caring for your aerial/pole/circus shoulders, or dealing with stiff and cranky hips? Comment below, along with any specifies you want to learn about 💁🏻

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La Beba Villamil


Comment from La Beba Villamil:

Combo nuevo de hoy...gracias @paulitalira aerealhooptrick aerealhoop lira aerealist trainingday circuslife

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Alexander Rivero

Comment from Alexander Rivero:

@valkpipespics on silk. The coolest devilish smile I've seen 😊 . @themusebrooklyn @abccirqueevents🎪 . aerialskills aerial SilkAerial highflying circus cabaret burlesque weekendfun artist brooklyn bushwich ridgewood newyorkatnight nycnightlife circuseverydamnday cirque aerialnation fitness fitgirls circuslife nikon @usa portfolio shadows nikon_dslr_users nikon_photography_ LongIslandCity based Venezuelan colombian eventphotographer

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Comment from ysik_jan:

Целых лет двадцать человек занимается каким-нибудь делом, например читает римское право, а на двадцать первом — вдруг оказывается, что римское право ни при чем, что он даже не понимает его и не любит, а на самом деле он тонкий садовод и горит любовью к цветам. Происходит это, надо полагать, от несовершенства нашего социального строя, при котором сплошь и рядом люди попадают на своё место только к концу жизни. — Михаил Булгаков.

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déesse nwinver


Comment from déesse nwinver:

Maintenant j'ai mal partout . . . trapeze circuslife circus sport photography fly aerilist

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Daisy Emely


Comment from Daisy Emely:

Show in brøndy today 🎪cirkusarenadancershappinessisherejidinismagiccompanycircuslife13daysleftdenmark

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Dragon Knights


Comment from Dragon Knights:

Hope everyone's having a great week so far!! . . . . DragonKnights StiltShow Cirque Circus CircusLife StreetPerformers AtmosphereEntertainment NowBOOKING

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Morgan Lee


Comment from Morgan Lee:

Crushing it

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Irina🌹Art In Motion 👑 Dreamer💫


Comment from Irina🌹Art In Motion 👑 Dreamer💫:

🌹 Who am I? That you would be mindful of me? 🎶 . cirque cirqueway circuseverydamnday circusinternational circusaroundtheworld circusinspiration circusworldwide cirfit cirfit_lifestyle cirquegram circuslife circusdreams flyingtrapezeartist aerialist circusartist dancer onceagymnastalwaysagymnast puntacana dominicanrepublic HIlife fitnessmodel fitnessinspiration ladymuscles fitgirls fitchicks zonacolonial 8/19/17

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Billy Blue Eyes (LeighCoda)


Comment from Billy Blue Eyes (LeighCoda):

Love this pic 👊🏼 @nickrossmedia 📸 forbiddennights aerial aerialchains aerialfit aerialfun circusartist

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Duo Destiny


Comment from Duo Destiny:

Check out our New Showreel 2017 ! 🎞🌌🎞 Due to instagram rights - no sound on that video BUT ⬇️ ↘️To watch full version click this link↙️ Made from our live acts & performances from all over the world during last 1,5 year since we actually started working together as a Duo Destiny 🌹 Watch that short trailer of our world travelling work and let us know your opinion...🌎🐾🤔 ❗️Ps❗️In few days our new website is going to be realised. If you are curuious of how did we start, what do we do in our private life, how do we spend our days off and where exactly do we travel? - Just get ready cuz there you can get to know us really well ! Hope it's gonna be entertaining ! Huv fun ! 😁📣 showreel2017 acroshowreel showtime liveperformance duodestiny circuslife cruiselife performing show cirqueadrenaline cirquelanova celebrityreflection celebrityinfinity celebritycruises circuseveryday @circusaroundtheworld @performers__ @circusaroundeuropa @cheeracro_ @_.worldofacro. @circusinspiration @tumbleflipsplit @yovadalife @cirquegram @gymnasticsshoutouts @acrobaticgymnastics.forever @gymnasts_travelers @travellingtheworld___

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Comment from PhysioFlex:

Cranky hip flexors, anyone 🙋🏻 here's a great release that will help make your stretching more productive! Repost @cirque_physio ・・・ Releasing your psoas...set it freeeeee!! ✨ Sitting for hours at a time - as many of us do for work - promotes tight and angry hip flexors. This drill is a great way to coax a nasty psoas out of a workday tantrum. ​You'll need a yoga block/handstand block/thick book, as well as a peanut or lacrosse ball. ✨ Start by finding your anterior-superior iliac spine (ASIS, also known as the “pointy front hip bone"). The bottom ball of the peanut goes just inside this bone. With the peanut in place, lie on your stomach. Start by taking deep breaths into the peanut. Once the initial intensity subsides, lift and lower your back leg, on the same side as the peanut. Still not enough to loosen those hip flexors? Try adding a push up into a cobra position as you lift your back leg. Your psoas(, splits, and backbends will thank you ✨

33 Minutes ago

Charlotte Ticha 🇫🇷


Comment from Charlotte Ticha 🇫🇷:

Seating backstage with the band during ThrillerLive performance was a great experience, well done guys and thanks I had such a good time 🎸🎸🎸🤘🏽backstage thriller thrillerlive circuslife musiclive

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🇵🇸 فلسطين حرة ~🎪~


Comment from 🇵🇸 فلسطين حرة ~🎪~:

Equilibrio de espalda 💪: . ❇ Piernas con una leve separación empujan hacia atrás (del izquiotibial, los talones, todo). . ❇Tela pasa por la espalda a la altura del sacro (busco la mitad de mi cuerpo, que pase vertical y no diagonal-> / 🚫). . ❇La mano que afirma (mi mano derecha) se tiene que trabar. . ❇Abro pecho / hombro y dejo que el brazo que queda suelto (mi izquierdo) me de CONTRAPESO -> fundamental . . Y cuando entendí todo, llegó mi equilibrio ufffffff 😅😅😅 jajaja.. . 🌀Moraleja: técnica, técnica, técnica.🌀 . . . . Ph. 📷 @alexhumers . . . . aerialbeauty aerialnation aerialsilks silks tissu tissue aerialtissue aerialist aereo telaaerea santiago chile aerialchile circo circuslife circusinspiration happy circusinternational aerialphotography nature free happy circusarts art arte ñuñoa clases tela circusaroundtheworld @akroholic @circus_photography @circusinspiration actitudmotivadas motivadas motivadasoutdoor

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From Mind To Motion


Comment from From Mind To Motion:

A little turning gopro fun a while back! It's fun to switch up the static practice now and then.

35 Minutes ago

andy foley


Comment from andy foley:

Went to the circus!

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Comment from Monica:


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André Augustus


Comment from André Augustus:

mainamain behind the circus hub with @hugoduq Aerialist turned flyer in one day!

3 Hours ago